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[Team One] So Much Love To Give

I've been having asexual feels and also wanted a vampire fic. And because Jongin is my favourite character to write, have some asexual vampire Jongin.

Being single again couldn't have come at a better time, if you asked Jongdae. He usually preferred to be in a relationship because he didn't like not having someone he could be intimate with. When his best friend Baekhyun teased him about it, he shot back “I just have too much love to give!” And honestly, Baekhyun was just as notorious about dating as Jongdae.

It was also Baekhyun who had heard about O Negative opening and quickly becoming the new hot vampire club in town, and decided to drag Jongdae along on a Friday night.

They got drinks at the bar and then Baekhyun left Jongdae for the dancefloor, pushing into the dancing crowd to shake his disloyal ass. How typical. Jongdae chuckled. Well, it wasn't like he himself wasn't planning to get a nice pair of fangs attached to his neck hopefully soon. His and Baekhyun's ideal types seldom overlapped, so he didn't mind that Baekhyun had gotten a headstart.

Jongdae sipped his cocktail and scanned the crowd. There seemed to be about 50-50 vampires and non-vampires, from what Jongdae could tell. He wasn't an expert but there was just something about the way vampires moved. You just knew.

He'd just set his eyes on a tall guy with dyed red hair and was considering going over to him when a voice sounded in his right ear. “Are you alone, too?”

The stranger had to shout at Jongdae because the music was so loud. Well, most people didn't go to clubs like these to hold conversations.

Jongdae turned his head. A vampire, oh yes, and a gorgeous one at that. Though not as tall as the red haired guy, he was still about a head taller than Jongdae which was something Jongdae really liked. He looked... almost too young to be in a club, but then again, he could be three thousand years old. Age was a bit of a wonky concept with vampires.

“Yeah, I'm alone,” Jongdae shouted back, leaning up to bring his mouth closer to the vampire's ear. “Do you wanna dance?”

Jongdae's grin was met with a serious look. The vampire had such soulful eyes and they seemed to be searching for something in Jongdae's eyes. His lips were full and naturally pouty and the longer Jongdae looked at him, the more he wanted to kiss him.

The vampire half shook his head in answer to Jongdae's question as he seemed to make up his mind about something and leaned down a little, shouting to be heard over the music. “Can I take you to a blood booth?”

Jongdae felt his whole body flush at the other's frankness, but what the hell. He nodded. It was why he'd come here anyway, why not dive right in? The vampire's eyes widened cutely, disbelieving, as if he'd expected to be turned down. Then his features softened into a smile that looked really relieved and a little sad and he took Jongdae's hands, hurrying out a door on the side of the club that lead down a corridor. The music wasn't as loud here but the bass still made the floor shake.

From the looks of it, the corridor curved like an outer ring all around the main room, serving as soundproofing to the world outside, and with all the little booths along the walls like a row of honeycombs it was also where all the magic happened. At least for those people who wanted to get into the biting business. Like sex, it was something you didn't do in public unless you had an exhibitionist streak and enough money to pay the fines for public indecency.

The vampire slowed down and said. “I'm sorry for being so– I'm not usually this straightforward. I hope I didn't come across as impolite.”

“It's fine,” Jongdae laughed. “I'm actually glad you asked. You saved me the trouble of having to hunt down my own prey.”

They came to a halt in front of an empty blood booth, but the vampire put his hand over Jongdae's on the door handle, stopping him.

“There's something I want you to know first. I mean, just so we're on the same page with our, uhm, expectations and stuff.”

Jongdae was pretty sure he'd be up for anything this gorgeous creature wanted. The blood booths weren't only for the privacy of biting but also to do something about the overwhelming rush of erotic pleasure that came with the bites. Jongdae could already feel the thrum of anticipation under his skin. But he could see the vampire biting his lips nervously and wondered what could possibly make him so hesitant.

Jongdae put a hand on his lower arm and blinked up at him, waiting for him to speak. If he wasn't mistaken, the vampire blushed a little as if he was uncomfortable being the center of attention.

“I'm, uh.” He took a deep breath and then rushed out all at once. “If you're expecting anything sexual in return for your blood, I can't give you that, I'm asexual.”

“Oh...” Jongdae said and then stopped and wondered what was an appropriate thing to say next. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't come here looking for a hook-up.

The vampire hurried to say. “If you want to go back and look for someone else, I understand.”

“No, you know what? Let's just do it anyway.” Jongdae smiled brightly. “The biting, I mean.”


Jongdae nodded. “I just had a break-up and I'm a bit–” he laughed. “I get horny really fast and to be honest, I came here craving sex but I don't think I'm really ready to be that close to anyone else quite yet. So I'll just, I'll get the rush from your bite and do my own thing, if that's okay with you?”

“You mean...?”

Jongdae did the gesture for jacking off and said keeping his tone light. “You just have to bite me and I'll do the rest. You get your tasty snack and I'll get my mind-blowing orgasm.”

The vampire finally took his hand off Jongdae's and let him open the door to the booth. They locked it behind them and looked around in the small room. It was about two-to-two meters, with a red cushioned bench to one side and a pit filled with pillows making up the rest of the floor space. Everything was of waterproof material in black and red colours and smelled faintly of medical sanitizer and air-freshener.

“Not bad,” Jongdae decided and let himself fall into the pillow pit. He wiggled his shoulders until he was lying comfortably, then stretched out his hands and made grabby motions in the direction of his companion. “Come on! Oh, or do you prefer sitting?”

“No, it's fine.” He took off his shoes by the door and stalked over the wobbly pillows until he found a spot to sit down cross-legged.

An awkward silence was threatening to fall over them so Jongdae said. “Can I ask you something before we start? You're the first ace I met. I'm curious.”

“It depends on the questions...” the vampire hedged.

“Don't worry,” Jongdae smiled, realizing he had probably come on a bit strong. “I'm not going to pry into your private matters. Basically, I'm just going to be really selfish and ask if you're okay with me getting acquainted with my hand right next to you or do you wanna hightail it out of here as soon as I pop a boner?”

It got the first real laugh out of the vampire. It was surprisingly loud and infectious, making Jongdae's smile broaden from ear to ear.

“No, no,” he said, and Jongdae could hear in his voice that he was the most relaxed he'd been so far. “I'm not sex-repulsed so I can stay if you want me to. Just don't expect me to touch you, okay? And don't touch me with your junk, either.”

Jongdae agreed. He wouldn't want someone else's dick rubbing on him without permission, either, and he was very much a sexual person. There were other fun things to do, though, and Jongdae couldn't stop himself from asking. “How do you feel about bodily contact in general?” Hopeful, he added. “Kissing?”

The vampire's brow darkened. “About kissing... Let's say apprehensive. But, hmm, let me see. Hugs are good.”

Jongdae was inwardly mourning all the kisses he wouldn't get from those full lips but at the mention of hugs he perked up. He grinned and spread his arms in an unmistakable offer which the vampire took after a moment of contemplation. He uncrossed his long legs and moved around so Jongdae could pull him half on top of him into a hug. Their bodies settled quite comfortably amidst all the cool, smooth pillows with their wipeable surfaces.

The vampire's soft, brown hair was tickling Jongdae's chin and his nose was pressed into the side of Jongdae's neck. Jongdae heard him draw a deep breath and felt eyelashes flutter against his skin as the vampire savoured his scent. A deep, long moan escaped the vampire's throat and made Jongdae'spants tighten.

“Your blood smells amazing.”

“You must be thirsty. Shall we start?” Jongdae asked thickly, starting to go under in arousal. His pulse was quickening and his eyelids became heavy. He threaded one hand through the vampire's hair and pressed him against his neck.

He felt lips on his skin and a prick, not much different from when he'd gotten his ears pierced, but then a slow pulsing spread from his neck down his body, building up. He gasped as he felt blood flowing hotly out of his wound into the waiting mouth, those lips never leaving his neck. The spot started to ache like a tender love bite. He felt so good and the pleasure was still building. The muscles in back pulled taut as he arched up, thighs trembling and a silent shout falling from his lips as the vampire finally released him, threw himself off of him with a bloodied chin and gasping breaths.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Jongdae saw him clinging to the bench like a drowning man, holding his stomach. It looked like he was going to be sick but there was nothing Jongdae could do to help, not when the aphrodisiac-like poison from the bite was slowly but steadily taking over his body as the rush kicked in. His nerve-endings were singing, reacting to the lightest touch. The fabric of his shirt rustling over his skin was almost too much. He threw off his clothes, unable to restrain his moans as his body jerked uncontrollably. Every movement felt so good, he didn't know where to touch and where not to touch, everything was almost too much. He was faintly aware of leaking blood from his neck and precum from his cock, smearing messily all around his writhing body. He fucked up into his hand violently, wound up to the point of tears streaming down his face, when finally his orgasm slammed into him.

It came down hard but like in slow-motion because the bite rush drew everything out. It was the most intense and satisfying feeling Jongdae had ever had. He'd only been bitten once before but that had been a long time ago. Since then, he'd stayed away purposely because it was so good he honestly feared getting addicted.

But today, he had let himself have this. It blew out all of his worries and lonely thoughts. He let himself float in the post-bite feeling, that state in which he felt the complete satisfaction of his bodily desires, and whatever pain was in his heart was drowned out by the soft, pleasant, all-encompassing throbbing in his neck.

He dozed for a while. When he came to, the warm, fussy feeling was still there but his head was a bit clearer. He noticed the vampire still clinging to the bench, his cheek pressed to the red cushion. Jongdae felt like something wasn't right. He peeled himself out of his pillow nest as quickly as possible and tapped his shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

The vampire looked up at him. All the white in his eyes had turned blood-red. He laughed hoarsely.

“Overdid it a bit.” His words were slow and clumsy, like a drunk man with a swollen tongue. “Been three years since I had some.”

“Blood?” Jongdae gasped. He was pretty sure vampires couldn't survive three years without blood.

“Fresh blood,” the vampire slurred and let his head sink back down.

“Are you sure you're okay? You look a bit out of it, and your eyes are all red.”

“'S fine. Jus' a moment. If you wanna, go ahead back to th' party.”

Jongdae scoffed. He was not leaving a delirious vampire behind. He wasn't sure if anything could happen to him in this state – probably not, given his nature – but there was just something about this boyish-looking vampire with his guarded heart that made Jongdae want to protect him even if he didn't need it.

He leaned against the padded wall and drew the vampire into his arms, the vampire's back against his chest so that his lolling head could rest securely on Jongdae's shoulder. Jongdae rubbed at his stained chin but the blood had already dried and wasn't coming off. It should look dangerous and nasty but instead it just was. It didn't distract from the vampire's soft, beautiful features, and Jongdae found himself smiling fondly.

“I think I really like you.”

“Asexual,” came the slurred reminder. Jongdae laughed.

“I didn't mean it that way. I meant like a brother. Hey, we never introduced each other,” he suddenly realized. “I'm Kim Jongdae.”

A smile passed over the vampire's lips. “Kim Jongin.”

“Wow, we're both Kim Jongs! We could really be brothers. Or you could be my great-great-great-grandfather, depending on your age,” Jongdae said cheekily.

“Hey.” Jongin chuckled and slapped at him weakly. “I 's born in the 90s.”

“The 1690s?” Jongdae laughed gleefully and felt Jongin snort against his neck.

Jongin took a deep breath and snuggled more comfortably in Jongdae's arm. He was probably over the worst already but Jongdae didn't mind staying a bit longer, holding him. So when his cellphone pinged and the screen lit up with a message from Baekhyun, he only gave it a cursory glance.

DUDE youll never beleive tihs

'Neither will you,' Jongdae thought and rested his cheek on the soft tufts of Jongin's hair. The vampire was slumbering peacefully with his face pressed into the crook of Jongdae's neck, his warm lips just shy of the healing bite mark. Jongdae could feel a tell-tale fluttering in his heart, like a trapped feeling beating its wings against their confines and wanting to be let out. Jongdae smiled wistfully.

'Ah, I'm falling in love. Better not fall into a sexual kind of love,' he thought.

I changed the verb tense in the beginning. That's allowed, right?

Next is softboys
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