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[team three] Gotta Catch 'Em All

I'm not entirely sure why I decided to write Kisumai playing Pokemon Go, especially because I didn't get to play much myself seeing as how it only got released two days ago, but here you go.

"I will get you! Noooo~ come back here!"

Kitayama would normally poke at Tamamori for talking to inanimate objects but today, he barely looks up from his own phone. Now that Pokemon Go is finally, FINALLY here in Japan, it's almost ridiculous how they must look swiping at their phone screens the way they are. If their managers hadn't already warned them not to wander off so close to the start of the 27hrTV Festival filming, he's sure that's exactly what they'd all be doing.

As things stand, even Fujigaya and Yokoo have been told they're "going to the bathroom" too often. They'd been a lot more subtle than Senga though, who'd been caught shouting at his phone in the bathroom on the other side of the building.

"Oooo! Snorlax! A Snorlax!" Nikaido cries out from across the room and Kitayama stares his phone down, willing a Snorlax to appear on his map too.

"YES!" Nikaido cheers, clearly successful in catching his Pokemon. "Now to name it KitaMitsu..."

"Hey! What are you-- Ooo! Snorlax! I see a Snorlax!" Totally forgetting that he was in the middle of scolding someone, Kitayama immediately becomes engrossed in throwing all the balls at the sleeping monster.

You're up orangegreenlove!
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