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[Team Three] Remember our promise

Eh... I don't really have anything to say.
Have more Toku semi-smut.

The room was filled with the sounds of joy and sadness all at once. Graduation would bring forth all different kinds of emotions. Souji wasn’t sure what to feel either. He went to sit at his desk and pulled out his communicator, seeing that class hadn’t started yet. Well, if one could call it class still. They weren’t doing much, just preparing for the upcoming ceremony.

Souji smiled when he read the email from Daigo and Utsusemimaru that was waiting for him in his inbox. Judging by the picture the two were either somewhere in South America or the Mediterranean, Souji wasn’t sure where exactly the two had gone. After defeating the Deboss Legion, Daigo had taken it upon himself to show Utsusemimaru around. That didn’t just mean teaching him about the modern times but the world they lived in right now as well. Literally. So the two had gone on a trip to visit all the places Daigo had visited in his youth and then some.

He felt a pang of jealousy and closed his communicator again, putting it into his bag. Souji couldn’t complain, he had brought this upon himself after all.

Instead of distant countries, his thoughts shifted to the last sentence in the email. His two traveling friends had promised to come back in time for Souji’s high school graduation which was coming up soon. Less than a week from now. Less than- a look at the calendar told him that it was happening in about three days from now.

Time had passed slowly and yet in a flash. It was weird.

Turning to look outside at the alley of cherry trees that led up to his school, Souji felt himself getting lost in thought once again. It had been almost two years now. Ever since their fight had ended. Ever since /that/ day.

He remembered it vividly. Souji had arrived at the Spirit Base to find Ian reading something, letter in one hand, coffee cup in the other.

“Looks like good news?” Souji had gone to sit down next to the other. Almost immediately, one of Ian’s arm came around him to pull him closer. A habit they had developed when alone.

“One of my old university associates invited me to join him at an excavation site in Peru. He says they might have found a new species of dinosaur and artifacts from an ancient civilization that hasn’t been explored yet.” Ian had sounded excited but then his features had softened a bit and he had turned to look at Souji. “But I think I’ll decline and remain in Japan.”

Souji had wanted to say something, to tell Ian that he didn’t have to put others before himself but he hadn’t been able to. Ian, maybe knowing what Souji had wanted to do, had silenced him before he had been able to utter even a single word. Hormones had taken care of the rest.

It wasn’t until later that day, when most of their team had come and gone, that Souji’s brain remembered what had happened. He had then decided to ask someone else for help.

“King, you should tell him to go.” Souji had looked down after telling their team leader the whole story. “I’m sure he’ll listen to you. Or more like, he’ll let you speak.”

“What makes you think he will, Souji?” Daigo had sat down next to the youngest member of the group. “This isn’t something for me to decide. Ultimately it’s Ian’s own decision. But if you ask me, I think the only one who can help him make that decision is you. It’s you he doesn’t want to leave behind. That’s how strong his feelings are for you.”

Souji had made a sound of frustration but he wasn’t one to give up and really, a part of him knew that Daigo was right.

So he had confronted Ian a few days later.

“It’s you who’s afraid of missing me too much. I’ll be totally fine!” Souji had made a face. “So go already, you idiot. Don’t let me see you back here until you’re done over there.”

“Boy,” Ian had looked at him for a few long moments. Then he had laughed and nodded. “Well then. If that’s how things are, if that’s what you want, then so it shall be.”

After that they had kissed goodbye - they’d made a promise after all, nothing serious before Souji turned 18. The only exception had been that one fateful night before the final battle against Deboss. It could have been their last.

The sound of the school bell brought Souji back to the here and now.

Three more days. Somehow time couldn’t pass fast enough now. Souji wondered how he’d been able to hold out the past few years. Maybe he’d simply used up all his patience now.

The three days passed, excruciatingly slow and yet almost with lightning speed. Tears were shed, hugs were shared and cheers were heard when the seniors left the school grounds for the final time. It was a perfect spring day and the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom, sending a scatter of petals down onto the people filing out of the school gym.

After the Ceremony, Souji went to celebrate briefly with his parents. It felt good to have both of them with him, together. It felt like a real family again. His mother had to leave to go back to work soon after though and his father still had classes at the dojo to tend to. But Souji wouldn’t be alone. He knew his friends were waiting for him, so he made his way to the Spirit Base. Taking a different entrance than the one close to the Tiger Boy, he found the place empty and quiet, much to his surprise. It turned out to be not completely empty though. Someone had been there, waiting for him.

“Congratulations, Boy.” The voice made him whirl around and Souji was almost embarrassed at how his heart seemed to leap into his throat upon seeing the other again after so long.

Ian’s hair had grown out quite a bit and the other had tied it back into a ponytail. It showed off the piercings on his ear and emphasized his neck-line.

“Ian.” Souji couldn’t move for a moment but then his body launched itself forward and he threw himself at the older male in a rare show of emotions. Laughing softly Ian wrapped his arms back around Souji and held him close.

“Miss me?”

“Of course, idiot.” Souji smacked the other none too gently. “You’re back.” A part of him was having a difficult time believing it. Although he couldn’t explain why.

“C’mere. All the sentimental stuff can wait for later.” Ian pushed him away a little bit, only to bring their lips together. Souji kissed the other back desperately. He hadn’t let himself think about the other’s absence too much but of course he hadn’t been able to stop himself from doing it completely. There had been times when he had found his thoughts wandering, where the feeling of longing had gotten almost unbearably strong. All of those moments of longing and loneliness faded away now. Being in Ian’s arms again felt like coming home.

They hadn’t been in touch much for the past few years, agreeing that it might just make the absence more unbearable. Both of them had also been busy with their respective lives. Souji had thrown himself into both his swordsmanship and school. Ian had told him to make up for all the lost time - to have a fulfilled high school life now that his duty as a Kyoryuger didn’t require him to run off into battle anymore. It had helped to ease the loneliness, helped him to push the thoughts away and lock them up securely but never to forget.

All those locked and pent up thoughts and emotions were released now.

Threading his fingers into Ian’s hair, Souji almost felt himself making a sound close to a purr at the feeling of the silky locks brushing against his fingers. There was so much more to hold onto now. So much more to use to pull Ian even closer.

Souji knew it was a bad idea to do it at the Spirit Base. He knew that it was a terrible idea because virtually anyone in their team could just wander in at any moment now but his rationally thinking side was no longer in control of his body - or even most of his mind - right now. His hormones were severely inhibiting any kind of coherent thought process. It had been too long. He wanted the other so much right now, needed him.

Ian’s lips separated themselves from Souji’s own and started to wander down his neck.

Throwing his head back with a moan that would have, under normal circumstances, made his own ears burn in embarrassment, Souji begged, “Ian, please-”

“Shh, I’m on it, boy. Don’t worry.” The fact that Ian wasn’t teasing him or gloating at how he’d made Souji beg showed just how desperate the other was himself. It was a small comfort that Ian was just as hot and bothered as Souji was right now. Absence made the heart grow fonder and all that, huh.

They found a mattress in one of the backrooms of the Spirit Base and Souji let Ian push him down onto it. Ian’s skilled, nimble fingers made short work of Souji’s school uniform. On the other hand, Souji took a while to fumble with Ian’s stupid leather jacket and pants.

Finally he was able to feel Ian’s skin against his own and Souji tried to savor every moment of it as much as he could. So long. So very long.

It was tempting to just stay like this, stay in Ian’s arms and as they both held each other close but he wanted more. “You remember our promise?”

“Of course. What do you think I’m doing right now?” Ian pretended to be a little offended and then proceeded to kiss a trail down Souji’s neck and chest.

True to his words, Ian didn’t leave it at just kisses and gentle touches. Souji wrapped his fingers around Ian when the other started to touch him, returning all of Ian’s caresses as well as he could. He hoped Ian wouldn’t leave it at this either. Souji’s body was almost aching with want. It remembered that one stolen night, that one forbidden night of desperate love making before they had gone into a battle that could have been their last. It remembered and it was longing for it. Longing for those same sensations.

Souji was about to resort to begging once more but Ian’s name died on his lips when he felt something slick entering him. “Ooh!”

“You’ve certainly gotten more vocal in the time I was gone. Can’t say I mind.” Ian mused.

“Don’t get used to it.” Souji grated out. “Today’s an exception.”

“I see.” Ian left it at that and continued to prepare Souji thoroughly.

Thoroughly meant slowly. Souji let out a soft whine when Ian added another finger.

“Ian, I think if you don’t get a move on, Souji will explode.”

Ian would have probably jumped up, if it hadn’t been for Souji’s arms around him holding him down. “Fuck it, King, how long have you-”

A hand grabbed the hood of Daigo’s vest and pulled him back. “King-dono, I told you it was too early still and that it was inappropriate to stay and watch. You’re intruding on their privacy.” Utsusemimaru poked his head around their leader’s form and bowed. “My apologies, Souji-dono, Ian-dono. Do continue. We’ll be back later for the celebrations.” He proceeded to drag Daigo away and there was the sound of them teleporting out of the Spirit Base again.

Souji’s heart was racing as it pumped blood into all kinds of places - his face and his groin being the major two. He felt so embarrassed that he wanted to sink into a deep, dark hole right now but he would be damned if he didn’t drag Ian down with him as well.

“King was right, I will explode if you don’t do something soon.”

“Who are you and what have you done to my innocent boy?” Ian sounded amused and leaned down for a short kiss. “Brace yourself.” He then pulled his fingers out of Souji. The loss made Souji whine a little bit once more - a reflex, he knew there was more to come.

His entire body felt like it had been set on fire when Ian finally pushed inside of him. Souji grabbed hold of Ian and wrapped his arms around the older male. Despite his mind being mostly gone or clouded by lust, Souji was still careful not to dig his fingernails into Ian’s back. He knew the other was sensitive there.

Everything became a blur of feelings and sensations. The melodies of their souls blended together and grew louder and louder until they were almost deafening.

Souji barely remembered when it all came to an end, when he reached his climax and drowned in Ian and everything the other was making him feel. Somewhere in his mind the fact that Ian also came inside of him registered but Souji was not really aware of it.

The world only came back into focus slowly. Souji took his time to recover, took his time to bask in the afterglow. It wasn’t until Ian settled snuggly against his back that Souji moved again. He turned his head a little bit to try and look at the other when Ian wrapped his arms around Souji and held him close. It was a sign to Souji that the other was about to say something. To say something important.

“I’ll be going back to South America and after that will be a trip to the university in England to look at all the collective results. Will you come with me this time, Souji?”

The other actually saying his name still sent shivers down Souji’s spine.

“You bet I will.”

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