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[Team Sonic] ISCREAM

Starting words from here!

Warning for drinking and drunk sex.

"What kind of boyfriends do you think we are?" Miyadate laughed, swallowing the last of his food. “I’m not attached at the hip to Shota, we’re perfectly capable of sitting at different tables once in a while.”

“Uh huh, that’s why you keep glancing over every time he laughs,” Sakuma pointed out.

Miyadate rolled his eyes. “It’s not like we’ll die if we aren’t together 24/7.”

“I NEARLY DIED TODAY!” Abe exclaimed. All eyes turned to him at the unusual loudness of his voice. Abe’s face was flushed, his eyes slightly glassy and he was waving a glass of sake around.

“Abe-chan, how much have you had to drink?” Sakuma asked.

“I’m not drunk!” Abe declared, nearly tipping over onto Kitayama, who was munching steadily through his food. Laughter drifted over from the other table and Abe’s eyes lit up. “FUKKA, I LOVE YOU,” he yelled, drawing every eye. “I NEARLY DIED TODAY AND I WANTED YOU TO KNOW.”

Abe ignored every attempt to shush him. “I COULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED. I felt the passage of Fujigaya-kun’s wheels.” He downed the contents of his glass and slammed the empty glass onto the table. “I’VE LOVED YOU FOR YEARS, FUKKA!”

“Oh geez, the kid’s drunk,” Kitayama commented.

“It’s cute,” Miyata agreed. “A public confession!”

Miyadate stood up. “I’ll go switch places with Fukka, this doesn’t sound like something the whole restaurant needs to hear.”

Miyadate walked over to the other table and placed his hand on Fukazawa’s shoulder. After a short argument, Fukazawa got up and Miyadate slid onto the seat, settling down next to Watanabe.

“FUKKA!” Abe exclaimed as Fukazawa arrived at their table. Senga and Sakuma shuffled around so that Fukazawa could sit next to Abe, whose face turned even redder, embarrassment adding to the drunken flush. Now that he was face to face with Fukazawa, his tongue got all tangled up and all the liquid courage in the world couldn’t help him.

Fukazawa grinned at Abe. “How’d you even get so drunk, didn’t you eat anything first?” Abe shook his head and Fukazawa tsked at him. “Drinking on an empty stomach, even though you’re sitting with Team Food?” Fukazawa’s gesture encompassed the empty and half-full dishes, as well as Kitayama who was still stuffing his face.

Fukazawa coaxed Abe into finishing his rice and when it became clear that Abe’s coordination wasn’t quite up to the task, he even fed him a few bites. Senga whistled at that, but Kitayama raised an eyebrow and murmured something about pineapples, which got Senga to shut up mid-sentence.

“Come on, Abecchi, let’s get you back to the hotel,” Fukazawa said finally, when Abe’s plate was reasonably empty.

Walking straight wasn’t quite as easy as usual and required Abe’s full concentration, so Fukazawa had to grab his arm and yank him out of the way of telephone poles, street lamps and a passing car once. The night air helped clear Abe’s head a little, but all that did was make him more aware of Fukazawa’s presence by his side. “Are you going to have you wicked way with me?”

Fukazawa snorted. “Maybe. If you’re up to it.”

“I SO AM,” Abe declared, breaking down into giggles a moment later.

Luckily the restaurant wasn’t all that far from the hotel. Abe flopped down on his bed and tried to get his pants to cooperate, when a thought struck him. “This isn’t your room.”

“I’m sure Sakuma and Hikaru will survive sharing for one night,” Fukazawa replied dryly. He handed Abe a glass full of water. “Drink up, or you’ll hate your head tomorrow.”

Abe wrapped his fingers around the glass, but didn’t drink. Staring into the water, he mumbled, “Just don’t hate my face. I’m sorry I embarrassed you like that in front of everyone.” Abe kept his eyes on the water even when he felt the bed dip as Fukazawa sat down next to him.

Fukazawa’s arm went around Abe’s shoulders. “Hey, look at me.”

When Abe dragged his eyes up with an effort of will, seeing Fukazawa’s smiling face so close to him only made him blush again.

Fukazawa leaned in even closer, until Abe’s eyes crossed and he had to close them. “Your confession was really cute. And you’re adorable when you’re all drunk and loud.” With that said, Fukazawa closed the rest of the distance to gently brush his lips against Abe’s.

At the touch of Fukazawa’s lips, Abe gasped and Fukazawa used the opportunity to slip his tongue into Abe’s mouth, deepening the kiss. Abe was still holding the glass of water, so he couldn’t wrap his arms around Fukazawa the way he wanted, but he did what he could, kissing back with passion.

It was a couple of minutes before Fukazawa broke the kiss. “I like you too,” he told Abe. He glanced down at the glass Abe was still clutching and laughed. “Drink your water.”

Abe obediently gulped down the water and put the glass away. When he turned back to Fukazawa, the other was already stripped to his boxers. It was probably the alcohol speaking, but words tumbled out of Abe’s mouth, telling Fukazawa all the things he’d been wanting to do to him for years.

The tips of Fukazawa’s ears actually turned pink, but his grin couldn’t have been wider. “Damn, Abecchi, I didn’t know you even knew half these words.”

“I’m the smart one,” Abe replied, his tongue apparently having decided to embarrass him every chance it got. He wanted to touch all the bare skin, but when he stood up, his feet got all tangled and he fell back onto the bed.

Fukazawa was suddenly grinning down at him. “Looks like I’ll have to be on top this time, hm?” Fukazawa asked. “But hey, definitely do all these things to me when you’re sober.”

While Abe wrestled with his shirt, Fukazawa divested him of his pants and boxers. The rush of heat cleared Abe’s head a bit more, or perhaps it was just that the sober part of his brain and the drunk part agreed that Fukazawa looked damn fine. To keep himself from saying anything else stupid, Abe crushed his lips against Fukazawa’s, kissing him deeply.

Fukazawa’s lips were soft and plush and really distracting. Abe realized that he was probably drunker than he’d thought when Fukazawa pushed the second finger into him and he couldn’t even remember the first. He didn’t have any idea where Fukazawa had gotten the lube from either, apart from a vague idea that it might have been stolen from Sakuma’s stash.

It wasn’t until Fukazawa curled his fingers, fingertips brushing over Abe’s prostate, that Abe understood that all these moans were coming from him. Wide-eyed, Abe clamped his hand over his mouth, trying to muffle his sounds, but he was as loud as Sakuma and his hand didn’t do much to stop the torrents of noise.

“Should have fucked you while drunk ages ago,” Fukazawa murmured, brushing sweet kisses over Abe’s skin. Abe looked so cute with his cheeks bright red and his blush reaching halfway down his chest. The mussed up hair and glassy eyes only made him more appealing. “You’re extra cute when you’re drunk, you know that?”

“Please fuck me already,” Abe begged, pushing back against Fukazawa’s fingers. He wouldn’t ever have said it if he was sober, but at this point he figured it didn’t really matter anymore, nothing he could do would heighten the embarrassment.

Being just as impatient, Fukazawa pulled his fingers free and slicked up his dick with the lube leftover on his fingers. Abe spread his legs wider, offering himself up to Fukazawa. Ignoring Abe’s pleas to speed up, Fukazawa went slow, pushing into Abe an inch at a time. Normally, it took quite a bit of effort to get Abe to make some noise, so Fukazawa linked their fingers, effectively stopping Abe from covering his mouth.

Once Fukazawa was fully inside, he rolled his hips, drawing cute gasps and moans from Abe. The first proper thrust made Abe cry out Fukazawa’s given name, which blew away any intention Fukazawa had of holding back. Snapping his hips, Fukazawa fucked Abe deep and fast while Abe screamed his head off, alternating between “yes”, “more” and variations of Fukazawa’s name.

The rooms to the left and right of them were luckily held by their bandmates, so Fukazawa wasn’t too worried about who would hear them. He certainly hadn’t expected Abe to be this loud, but he had no intention of letting this opportunity go past - he’d get all the noise he could from Abe. Fukazawa grinned, already looking forwards to Abe’s cute, flustered face when he woke up in the morning and realized just how far he’d let himself go.

Abe’s back arched suddenly and he squeezed tight around Fukazawa. Fukazawa watched in awe as Abe came, his untouched dick twitching between them. While he came, Abe only moaned incoherently, unable to form proper words anymore.

“Fuck, Abecchi,” Fukazawa moaned in surprise. Abe had never come untouched before, though Fukazawa had long suspected that that was only because Abe could never let himself go completely.

Abe just blinked up at Fukazawa, smiling blissfully. It didn’t take long at all for Fukazawa to follow him over the edge, coming with a low groan. Fukazawa collapsed on top of Abe, who just wrapped his arms around Fukazawa and went to sleep.


Fukazawa woke up to a mild hangover, an empty bed and the sound of the shower running. Yawning, he remembered the events of the previous night. He grinned. He’d have to ask Abe out on a proper date sometime soon. He’d been meaning to do that for a while already, to ask Abe if he wanted to be boyfriends instead of fuckbuddies maybe, but Abe had gotten around to it first, sparing him the trouble.

Fukazawa stretched and yawned. Perhaps he should join Abe in the shower. It was unlikely that he’d get any more loud noises out of Abe, but he’d definitely be able to make Abe blush. He had enough material to tease Abe for weeks now and an easy way to turn Abe’s ears pink.
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