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[Team Three] Diverging Melodies part 2

Busy, busy, busy. I managed to add a little bit to what I wrote last time. ^_^

Simple songs were the only thing he could manage after a week of practicing with Hikaru. It took a lot of concentration for him to get his fingers to move to the right spots to play each note. Hikaru continued to be very harshly blunt when correcting his mistakes but Takaki was getting used to it. That's just how Hikaru was with everyone. He wasn't treating Takaki with any extra strictness.

"F sharp," Hikaru repeated as Takaki missed the note again.

"Right, right. I knew that," Takaki muttered to himself. He slowed down as he lost his spot on the music. The tempo was all wrong and he was just waiting for Hikaru to say something about keeping a steady beat. But he remained silent and let Takaki continue to struggle to the end of the short song.

"Ugh," Takaki groaned as soon as he was finished. He wasn't happy with the song so he slumped over and rested his head by the sheet music.

"Ive got an idea," Hikaru said, scooting a bit closer on the piano bench. Takaki popped up in confusion to see what Hikaru had to say. "You just play the right hand melody and I'll play the left. When you learn that hand, then we'll switch. Maybe it'll help with your tempo problem."

Takaki nodded and looked at the keys to get his fingertips in the right position to start.

"Don't forget F sharp," Hikaru reminded him again. "And if you messup, just keep going. Just like we do in dancw practice."

"Got it, Takaki nodded.

Hikaru counted out loud to set the tempo. And then the musical sound of the piano notes swelled up and filled the room.

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