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[Team Six] Kabedon-ed

Sorry it took so long.
Got really sick.

Close together like this, Jeongguk thinks how he doesn’t mind experiencing this rare anime-inspired situation in his everyday commute to school.

He's been taking the 7AM trip from Euljirosam-ga station to Hongik University station to avoid the litany of commuters on their way to work and school ever since the new semester started. It's been a relatively quiet trip with Jeongguk minding his own business, flipping through his phone every now and then as he adjusts his earbuds to effectively cancel out the noise inside the train. The people he usually stumbles upon during his trip are mostly old people in their boring business suits and grumpy faces and, sometimes, the occasional drunkard who forgot to go home the night before.

But there's always that one young man, probably around his age, that always manages to ride on the same train car as Jeongguk does. Light brown hair, pale skin and thick red lips, the man is nothing short of handsome to say the least. He always wears an all black ensemble and rugged rubber shoes that have clearly seen better days. Said man always stands by the door where Jeongguk always enters, hands gripping the pole for support whenever the train swerves from left to right when it enters the tunnel.

To say that Jeongguk doesn't find the young man interesting is a complete lie if any of his conspicuous attempts at taking a glimpse at the man are any indication. Jeongguk's caught himself blatantly staring at the young man far more times that he should be proud of, immediately burying his face behind his bag when he finally realizes how shameless he's being.

This is also probably why Jeongguk finds himself squirming and looking downward as if there's something extremely amazing on the linoleum flooring instead of looking the said young man in the eye.

The train was about to reach Hongik University station so Jeongguk stood up, collected his things and positioned himself by the glass door to get ready to get out once the train car comes to a full stop. Of course, it had nothing to do with his want to stand closer to the beautiful young man. Definitely no connection whatsoever.

He was flipping through his Spotify playlist when the train swerved more than it should, making him lose his footing and backing up to the wall, hitting the back of his head quite forcefully in the process. When Jeongguk finally opened his eyes, there he was, that young man with his beautiful pale skin and soft light brown hair, with his arms on both sides of Jeongguk.

In Jeongguk's peripheral vision, he can see a mole on the tip of the man's nose. The huge clutch bag the young man always carries has Taehyung written on it and Jeongguk clearly assumes that that's the young man's name. Taehyung, as Jeongguk shall call him now, smells like a combination of baby powder and vanilla and it's weird to smell that on a lanky man with lots of ear piercings and silver necklace and rings decorating his body.

Taehyung stares at Jeongguk, head twisted sideways, and Jeongguk feels himself tense up. Why isn't the train stopping yet?! Beads of sweat accumulate on Jeongguk's forehead, but he’s too tense under the scrutiny of Taehyung to even move.

But then, Taehyung grins at him, lips pulling upward, revealing shiny white teeth, and actually snickers, eyes crinkling in the process. It renders Jeongguk moaning before he can even stop himself. He closes his eyes tightly, wishing the linoleum flooring would just swallow him whole now, and puts a hand over his mouth. Goddamn mouth, stop failing me.

"Well, if I get kabedon-ed by myself, I'd moan too," Taehyung laughs before he takes his arms off the wall. Hongik University station is already at sight and the familiar blur of walls and people finally come to view. Taehyung pats Jeongguk on the head like an owner would do to his dog.

"This is your stop, my dearest darling bunny. Now you go ace your exams today and think of me tonight," Taehyung chuckles and gently pushes a still dazed Jeongguk out of the train.

It's when Jeongguk is already in his Taxation class that he finds Taehyung's name and number scribbled haphazardly in the back of an old receipt inside his jean's pocket.

Just thinking of how it went there makes him moan again.

chuyeol, your turn!
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