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[Team Sonic] Make a Mess

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"I'm looking forward to it," Totsuka murmured, tilting his head to escape Hashimoto’s breath tickling his ear.

“Good,” Hashimoto replied, fingers digging into Totsuka’s hips for just a moment.

“Hey, hey, hey, break it up or share,” Kawai interrupted, “seriously, you’re old enough to know better.”

Hashimoto turned his head to grin at Kawai, arms still around Totsuka. “I’m big enough to share.”

“Like a family-sized ice cream cake,” Totsuka explained.

“Because everyone ends up sticky?” Kawai asked, drifting closer. Sure, there were only a couple minutes before they had to be on stage, but…

Hashimoto just grinned wider, pulling Kawai into the hug too. “What Tottsu means is that I’m tasty,” he explained, squishing his smaller bandmates together.

“You’re a menace,” Totsuka said fondly, turning in Hashimoto’s arms to look at Kawai. “Hi, Fumito. Fancy meeting you here.” He kissed the tip of Kawai’s nose, tongue flicking over the cute little mole.

Kawai laughed, hands sliding up under Totsuka’s shirt as much as was possible while squished in Hashimoto’s arms. “So if Hasshi’s the ice cream cake and I’m the deco, are you the whipped cream?”

“Tottsu’s the sprinkles,” Hashimoto disagreed, squishing them even harder for a moment. “Is anyone going to blow me before we go on stage or do I have to do everything myself here?”

“I wonder~” Totsuka hummed, leaning in to kiss Kawai. He took his time about it, kissing Kawai slowly, little flashes of tongue showing to drive Hashimoto nuts.

“No fair,” Hashimoto whined, but he wasn’t really complaining - watching Totsuka and Kawai was one of his favourite things, right after having Totsuka’s hands on himself. The two minutes to curtain up signal sounded and Hashimoto huffed. “Fine, but you’re taking me home.”


They ended up at Hashimoto’s place after all, after Kawai joked that Hashimoto should take them home himself if he wanted it so much. Hashimoto’s bed was the biggest anyway, specifically bought to accommodate five people. Fitting just three was easy in comparison. Hashimoto ended up flat on his back, with Totsuka sucking his dick and Kawai kissing his neck.

“Hey,” Hashimoto began, tugging on Totsuka’s hair. Totsuka hummed around his dick but otherwise ignored him, not letting up at all. “No fair, how am I supposed to last if you-” Hashimoto interrupted himself with a moan.

Totsuka did draw back at that, just enough to let Hashimoto’s dick slip out of his mouth. Lapping at the head of Hashimoto’s dick with his tongue, he said, “I remember promises of messiness quite distinctly.”

“Eh?” Hashimoto found it just a tiny bit difficult to keep up when Totsuka looked so beautiful, all pale, smooth skin and soft hair. It definitely didn’t help that Totsuka was naked, or that his tongue was teasing at Hashimoto’s dick in utterly distracting ways.

“He means you should come on his face,” Kawai translated. “So what’re you waiting for, a written invitation?”

Sitting up, Hashimoto grinned down at Totsuka. “I thought you wanted to ride my dick.”

Totsuka smiled up at Hashimoto serenely. “That’s for second round. Or perhaps third?” With that said, Totsuka turned back to the task at hand, pressing little kisses all over the length of Hashimoto’s dick. He licked at Hashimoto’s balls, sucking them into his mouth gently.

Moaning, Hashimoto wrapped an arm around Kawai and pulled him into a kiss. Kawai nipped at Hashimoto’s lips, drawing a startled moan from him. Hashimoto was nice and warm, so Kawai ran his hands over all that smooth, warm skin presented to him, caressing Hashimoto’s muscular body.

Totsuka took just the head of Hashimoto’s dick into his mouth, sucking lightly. He teased at it with his tongue and hummed, drawing quite a few moans from Hashimoto, even if those were muffled by Kawai’s lips. As far as Totsuka was concerned, that was the only disadvantage of sharing - he couldn’t always hear Hashimoto properly, because Hashimoto’s mouth was otherwise occupied.

The solution of course was to make Hashimoto gasp for breath and break the kiss. To this end, Totsuka stepped up his game. He took Hashimoto’s dick deeper into his mouth, sucking in his cheeks and bobbing his head. He curled his fingers around the shaft, stroking what he couldn’t fit in his mouth, and he didn’t neglect Hashimoto’s balls either. With gentle fingers, Totsuka caressed Hashimoto’s balls.

It was Kawai who finally broke the kiss, moving on to nibble on Hashimoto’s ear. With nothing in the way now, Hashimoto’s moans sounded loud and clear, echoing through his bedroom unhindered.

“Close,” Hashimoto gasped out the warning.

Totsuka allowed Hashimoto’s dick to slip out of his mouth, but stayed close. He continued to stroke and it was just a few moments later that Hashimoto came, his come splashing up into Totsuka’s face, burst after burst of white decorating Totsuka’s pretty cheeks and lips.

“Fuck yeah,” Kawai groaned approvingly. There were few sights more appealing than Totsuka with a face full of come, though Hashimoto with a face full of come was a close second.

Leaning back against the headboard, Hashimoto caught his breath. While he recovered, he watched Kawai and Totsuka - Kawai soon had Totsuka on his hands and knees, opening him up with gentle fingers. Totsuka didn’t make much noise, but the few moans that did slip out were sweet, getting Hashimoto interested again much faster than basically anything else could have.

Kawai grinned at Hashimoto. “What do you say, should I fuck him until he’s all loose and ready for you?”

“Fumito!” Totsuka snapped, a warning in his voice, but Kawai’s words did have the intended effect on Hashimoto.

Hashimoto stroked himself, slowly working himself back up to full hardness. He watched as Kawai pounded Totsuka into the mattress, Totsuka’s soft moans as appealing as Kawai’s flushed face and lust-darkened eyes. Kawai and Totsuka moved together easily, their bodies meeting each other gracefully.

Kawai made sure not to touch Totsuka and Totsuka made no move in that direction either, preferring to dig his fingers into the sheets and hold on. Without slowing down at all, Kawai kissed the bumps of Totsuka’s spine, one after the others until he could nose at the back of Totsuka’s neck.

By the time Hashimoto was ready for action, Kawai was close to his limits. After glancing over to make sure that Hashimoto was ready to take over, Kawai pulled out of Totsuka. Totsuka rolled onto his back, ready to receive Kawai’s come on his face. Kawai knelt over Totsuka’s face, stroking himself roughly until his come joined the dried streaks of Hashimoto’s release.

As soon as the last spurt of Kawai’s come had splashed on Totsuka’s face, Totsuka climbed into Hashimoto’s lap, sinking down on his dick. Hashimoto’s surprised moan drowned out Totsuka’s much quieter moan. Since Kawai’s dick had already opened Totsuka up properly, Totsuka could take Hashimoto’s dick in without trouble, taking all of it in in one go.

Wide-eyed, Hashimoto stared at Totsuka’s come-smeared face. Shaking his head, he caught himself quickly and put his hands on Totsuka’s hips, helping him out. Totsuka’s hands went on Hashimoto’s shoulders in turn and soon they had a good rhythm going, Hashimoto thrusting up into Totsuka happily.

“Ride him, cowboy!” Kawai cackled, giving Totsuka’s ass a ringing slap.

Hashimoto looked at Kawai sternly, though the look lost some of its strength because he couldn’t quite make himself stop thrusting up into Totsuka’s tight body. “If you can’t keep your hands to yourself, at least do something useful.”

Kawai grinned. “Like what?”

Chewing on his lip, Hashimoto thought for a moment. Then he pushed Totsuka up, off his dick. Ignoring Totsuka’s startled noise, he pushed him down until Totsuka was flat on his back, blinking up at Hashimoto and Kawai. Thrusting back into Totsuka’s waiting body, Hashimoto grinned at Kawai. “You can pin Tottsu’s wrists down so he can’t touch himself,” Hashimoto said, thrusting his hips slowly, “because I’m gonna get him off like this.”

“Hasshi…” Totsuka began, but neither Hashimoto nor Kawai paid any attention to his protest. Kawai took a hold of Totsuka’s wrists, pinning them down above his head.

Hashimoto raised Totsuka’s hips, changing the angle until a gasp and jerk from Totsuka told him that he’d gotten it right. With a firm grip on Totsuka’s hips, Hashimoto made sure to keep that angle as he fucked Totsuka slow and deep, drawing more and more quiet noises from Totsuka’s lips.

Totsuka bit his lips, trying to stay quiet, but even his infamous self-control didn’t stand a chance against Hashimoto’s determination and big dick. Totsuka squeezed his eyes shut, tried not to make too much noise or moan Hashimoto’s name, but on every thrust Hashimoto dragged over his prostate just right, driving sweet, hot pleasure through his body. Totsuka shuddered, gasping for air as every snap of Hashimoto’s hips brought him higher and higher. Totsuka’s toes curled and his body squeezed tight around Hashimoto, but he wasn’t quite ready to give in yet.

Kawai kissed Totsuka’s fingertips, lips lingering on each one before moving on to the next. Hashimoto took his cue from Kawai, leaning in to kiss Totsuka’s cheeks, the tip of his nose and finally his lips. It was a slow kiss, all soft brushes of lips on lips, but it was enough to utterly undo Totsuka.

Back arching, Totsuka came, his orgasm washing through him with unstoppable force. Hashimoto followed him over the edge right after, dragged along by the tight squeeze of Totsuka’s body.

Hashimoto wavered, about to collapse on top of Totsuka and squeeze all the air out of his lungs, but Kawai grabbed him by the shoulder and guided his collapse so that Hashimoto came to rest on his side next to Totsuka. That was how Hashimoto liked it best anyway, sandwiched between his two bandmates.
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