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[Team Three] Cloudy with a chance of cock

“Come on then, short stuff.”

Amused, Abe looked up from tying his shoes. “Short stuff?”

Sakuma winked, bouncing in place. “I’m looking down at you, aren’t I?”

Abe wasn’t quite sure how he’d ended up on this midnight combini run with Sakuma. It was dark, it was still too warm outside and it was likely to rain any moment, but it was kind of difficult to resist Sakuma’s smile and energy and anyway, he was supposed to be the responsible one and letting Sakuma wander around alone in the middle of the night was probably the opposite of responsible. Making sure Sakuma bought something besides candy was apparently part of his job too, as well as switching coffee for juice while Sakuma wasn’t looking, because anything that made Sakuma more energetic was a terrible idea at midnight on a con weekend..

Halfway back to the hotel, the skies suddenly opened, a torrent of rain pouring down all at once. Sakuma squeaked, holding his bag of food over his head as he ran back to the hotel, his laughter easy to follow even if Abe wasn’t quite as fast as him. The two minutes back were enough to get them thoroughly soaked, hair dripping into Abe’s eyes.

Abe had barely gotten his shoes off when Sakuma pressed him against the wall. “Seriously?” Abe asked, hands already gravitating to Sakuma’s middle. “Kuma-chan, I’m all wet.” His soaked clothes were uncomfortable and probably leaving a stain against the wall, but Sakuma was hard to resist.

Sakuma grinned at him, hands already wandering. “Didn’t predict that rainshower, did you, weather boy?”

“I told you there was a 60% chance of rain!” Abe replied, arching into the touch.

“You’re more than 60% soaked,” Sakuma replied, nipping at Abe’s throat. Sakuma’s clever fingers popped the buttons of Abe’s shirt open, allowing Sakuma to trail kisses down Abe’s chest.

“That’s not…” Abe began, but was laughing too hard to argue. “Kuma!”

Sakuma just hummed against Abe’s left nipple. He flicked his tongue over the little bud, teasing at the sensitive flesh until it was hard and pebbled. He trailed featherlight teasing touches over Abe’s ribs, still hoping to find a ticklish spot or two to make Abe squirm.

Abe tugged on Sakuma’s oversized shirt, pulling it over Sakuma’s head. He would have prefered to dry off properly, or to maybe take a shower and warm up, but logic and common sense rarely worked on Sakuma when he got going. Rising to his feet, Sakuma kissed him again and Abe moaned - Sakuma’s bare skin against his felt good, especially since Sakuma was all nice and warm, body giving off heat in plenty.

“You’re all cold and wet,” Sakuma pointed out. “I’ll warm you up!” He grabbed Abe’s wrists and dragged him along, not giving Abe a chance to point out that he knew that and that he wasn’t the one who’d decided to make out against a wall instead of showering.

Abe found himself flat on his back on his bed, Sakuma’s light weight on top of him. Sakuma grinned down at him, the ends of Sakuma’s blond hair still dripping water. “Hey there.”

“Hey,” Abe replied. He could feel himself smiling back, unable as usual to resist Sakuma’s happy grin, especially when Sakuma got all up close in his personal space. Sakuma’s face wasn’t the only thing in his personal space either - Sakuma was rolling his hips, the friction doing interesting things to Abe’s anatomy despite the soggy pants. The rainwater from his shirt and pants was probably soaking into his bed, but there wasn’t much he could do about that unless he wanted to fuck on the floor, which wasn’t exactly a good life choice when they had to back for two concerts the next day.

Sakuma nuzzled the side of Abe’s neck, then slowly worked his way downward, licking and nipping at Abe’s skin. Abe arched into the touch, enjoying the warmth of Sakuma’s hands and the teasing touches of Sakuma’s tongue. Nipping at Abe’s hipbone, Sakuma unbuckled Abe’s belt and unzipped his jeans before pushing them down just far enough to gain access to Abe’s dick.

Under Sakuma’s skillful hands it took only a minute or so for Abe to harden fully, even though Abe had already gotten off twice earlier. Abe thought wistfully of the bag of food that stood forgotten next to the door - he needed all his energy if he wanted to have any chance at all of keeping up with Sakuma’s boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Sakuma pressed a kiss to the tip of Abe’s dick before sitting up. He dug through the bedside drawer for a moment, finally finding the tube of lube he’d chucked in there earlier. Grinning triumphantly, Sakuma flipped Abe over and pulled his hips up. Abe made a startled noise but relaxed after a moment - at least he wasn’t lying on his wet shirt anymore, though he could see the wet spot his shirt had left on his sheets.

With Abe’s jeans stuck around the middle of his thighs, he couldn’t spread his legs much, which might have been part of Sakuma’s plan. Flicking the cap off the tube, Sakuma proceeded to drip a few drops of lube on Abe’s hole, which was still stretched from their earlier fun. Abe wasn’t sure he even needed more lube, but since he had to dance tomorrow, he wasn’t complaining. Better safe than sorry.

“Ready?” Sakuma asked, a purely rhetorical question as he was already pushing inside.

Abe groaned in reply. With his legs stuck together like this, Sakuma’s dick felt bigger than usual and everything was more intense. Fingers digging into the sheets, Abe held on as Sakuma moved, slowly at first then gaining speed. The rain-soaked jeans around his legs should have been a distraction, but the warmth of Sakuma’s hands on his hips and the heat slowly building inside him drowned all distraction out.

Abe kept trying to spread his legs, to take Sakuma’s dick deeper, but his jeans were firmly stuck around his thighs and not moving, keeping his legs close together. Sakuma’s dick sliding in and out felt incredibly good, even better than normal, the unusual tightness driving Abe crazy with lust much quicker than he was used to. The pressure inside, the slight burn of the movement, everything felt just too good. Biting down on the pillow, Abe muffled his moans - his bandmates might be unashamed perverts who yowled and screamed during sex even in a hotel where random people might hear them, but he had no intention of letting anyone hear his voice, no matter how good it felt to have Sakuma pounding his ass like this.

Sakuma shifted his hips, changing the angle. Eyes squeezing shut, Abe groaned - Sakuma’s dick hit his prostate just right now, sending spikes of pleasure through him at every thrust. Sakuma pushed Abe’s wet shirt up to kiss his spine, trailing soft kisses up his back without slowing his hips at all. Toes curling, Abe screamed into his pillow, his orgasm crashing through him all of a sudden, every thrust of Sakuma’s hips prolonging his pleasure.

His come was joining the water stains on his sheets, but Abe couldn’t even care about that, the floaty post-orgasm feeling much too pleasant for such mundane worries. Sakuma kept going, pounding away with abandon. It wasn’t long at all before Sakuma came as well, pumping his seed deep into Abe. Sakuma pulled out then collapsed on his side, grinning at Abe. “You made a mess.”

“You’re one to talk,” Abe grumbled. He could feel Sakuma’s come slowly dripping out of his ass, staining his inner thighs.

Entirely unrepentant, Sakuma stretched. “Ahh, that was nice.” Energetic as always, Sakuma bounced up and kicked his pants off. Naked, he walked over to the door and picked the bag of food up. “Come on, get naked so we can eat.”

Abe just shook his head at the logic but did what Sakuma asked of him, taking off his shirt and jeans. It was kind of nice to have Sakuma feeding him, alternating between bites of rice, candy, fried chicken and some sweet melon paste. During the day, Abe would probably have found this combination of food horrifying, but at 1:30am, with Sakuma grinning at him like that, he was willing to eat just about anything, and it didn’t actually taste bad if you ignored the weirdness.

Sakuma’s face was suddenly very close. “You’ve got some melon paste there,” Sakuma murmured, tongue lapping at Abe’s cheek.

Resigned to his fate, Abe turned his head, catching Sakuma’s mouth for a kiss. If he wanted to get any sleep at all, he needed to tire Sakuma out, so he might as well be forward about it. Always up for it, Sakuma climbed into Abe’s lap, hands already wandering again, though after a minute or two of kissing Sakuma suddenly got up.

“Come on, shower!” Sakuma grabbed Abe’s wrist and dragged him to the small attached bathroom. The shower wasn’t really big enough to share, but they had practice and managed well enough - if you could squish six people into a bath designed for three, you could certainly get two people into one shower.

Sakuma helped Abe clean up, though his help consisted mostly of groping and a few kisses, but soap was used and there was plenty of hot water, so Abe figured Sakuma’s attentions counted as washing. By the time they were more or less clean, Sakuma was hard again, though Abe wasn’t quite there yet.

Sakuma poked Abe’s dick with his finger. “Slow,” he teased.

Abe couldn’t help it, he had to laugh at the exasperated expression on Sakuma’s face. “You’re the weird one here,” he defended himself and his entirely reasonable recovery times, “not everyone can get it up fifty times a night in fifteen minutes intervals.”

Sakuma’s laughter joined his. “No one can get it up fifty times!” Sakuma’s facial expression changed slowly, turning intrigued. “Hm, I wonder if…”

“No way,” Abe cut him short. “We have too much work to do any marathon sex orgies!”

“Fine, fine,” Sakuma gave in. He curled his fingers around Abe’s only half-hard dick and stroked slowly.

Abe huffed, trying to sound put out, but really, sharing a hotel room with Sakuma might be a lot of trouble but it was even more fun. “Use your mouth if you’re so impatient,” he suggested.

That suggestion met with approval. Sakuma smoothly sank to his knees, taking Abe’s half-hard dick into his mouth right away. The wet heat of Sakuma’s mouth, combined with the skilled work of Sakuma’s pink little tongue, got Abe hard in record time. Sakuma hummed around Abe’s dick, looking smug at how quickly it hardened in his mouth, but Abe wasn’t even embarrassed - Sakuma looked so good with his lips stretched around his dick and his wet hair hanging in his big eyes, not to mention all those pretty moles all over his face. It made Abe want to come over Sakuma’s face, to splatter those moles with his come. He put that idea away for later, though he wasn’t sure he’d remember - Sakuma’s enthusiasm during sex could be quite distracting.

Wrapping his fingers aren’t Sakuma’s wrist, Abe pulled him up and out of the shower. He didn’t bother with the towels - they’d end up sweaty enough to need another shower anyway. He stopped short before the beds - his bed was all wet and strewn with soaked clothes, but if they fucked on Sakuma’s bed, they’d have no place to sleep afterwards.

Sakuma grinned, noticing his indecision. “Wall or desk?” Sakuma asked.

Abe shook his head, grabbing some of the towels after all. He put the towels down on Sakuma’s bed, then sat down. “Ride me?” he asked, looking hopeful.

Sakuma smiled like the sun. “Yes!” he replied, practically jumping into Abe’s lap. Straddling Abe’s hips, he leaned in for a kiss, hands going straight onto Abe’s shoulders. Grinning, he told Abe to cope a feel and find out if he was ready or not.

Amused, Abe dragged two fingers down the cleft of Sakuma’s ass to tease at his hole. Sakuma moaned sweetly, and when Abe applied the slightest bit of pressure, Sakuma’s hole opened up for him, dragging his fingers in deep. Sakuma was hot and slick around his fingers, still stretched and ready from earlier.

“Mmh,” Sakuma moaned, pushing back against Abe’s fingers. “Yeah, more.”

Abe curled his fingers, caressing Sakuma’s inner walls, then pulled his fingers most of the way out before pushing them back in deep. Each movement earned him another loud moan - Sakuma was very responsive and never shy about letting his enjoyment show. There wasn’t really any need to finger Sakuma, since he was clearly as ready as anyone could be, but Abe figured that if he wanted to get any sleep at all, he should probably try to tire Sakuma out as much as humanly possible.

Dragging the tips of his fingers over Sakuma’s prostate got him another string of moaned “oh yeah”s, and kissing Sakuma’s shoulder certainly helped too. Sakuma squeezed tight around Abe’s fingers, clenching muscles he really shouldn’t have that much control over. Abe wrapped his fingers around Sakuma’s dick and stroked, continuing to tease at Sakuma’s prostate at the same time.

Never able to stay still for long, Sakuma moved his hips, pushing down against Abe’s fingers and fucking up into Abe’s fist, getting progressively louder as he got closer to orgasm. Abe wasn’t at all surprised when Sakuma came, wailing loud enough that their bandmates in the next room could probably hear it all. Sakuma’s come splashed all over Abe’s hand and stomach, getting him as messy as predicted. While Sakuma wailed, Abe continued to caress his prostate, prolonging Sakuma’s orgasm.

Sakuma leaned his head on Abe’s shoulder, resting for a moment while aftershocks twitched through his body. “Didn’t you want me to ride you?” Sakuma asked, his breath puffing warmly against Abe’s skin.

“Aren’t you up to it?” Abe grinned, feeling only a tiny bit embarrassed.

“Ohh, it’s a challenge!” Sakuma declared, kissing Abe soundly.

Abe curled his fingers one more time, just to feel Sakuma gasp against his lips, then pulled his fingers free. As soon as Abe’s fingers were out of the way, Sakuma took a hold of Abe’s dick to hold it steady and sank down on it smoothly, taking it in all in one go.

“Oh yeah,” Sakuma moaned, rolling his hips. “Mmh, Abecchi.”

Putting his hands on Sakuma’s hips, Abe thrust up experimentally and Sakuma moaned, entirely on board with that. Sakuma moved to meet Abe’s thrusts, strong thigh muscles bunching as he rose and fell. Abe tried to keep the pace slow, but Sakuma was having none of that, speeding up little by little and luring Abe into moving faster as well.

One of Sakuma’s hands stayed on Abe’s shoulder for balance, his other hand wandering down to stroke his soft dick. Once Sakuma was touching himself, he actually hardened quickly. Abe wasn’t even surprised - Sakuma was infamous for his short recovery time, as well as for his energy. There was no way to keep up with Sakuma and Abe wasn’t at all sure how he always ended up trying against his better judgement.

Abe snapped his hips harder, making Sakuma bounce, hoping to speed things along a bit since they had work in the morning and he just wanted to sleep already. By this point, he was too turned on to be embarrassed by the loudness of Sakuma’s moans. Their bandmates knew they were fucking anyway, did it really matter if they could actually hear it? Besides, Sakuma’s noises were pretty hot, all his moans and groans and gasps, the panting for air and the pleased “oh yeah”s and “fuck”s.

“Close,” Abe gasped, suddenly realizing he would definitely not be able to last long enough to get Sakuma off again.

“Mh, go ahead,” Sakuma encouraged and that was all the permission Abe needed.

With a groan of Sakuma’s name, Abe came, thrusting up deep into Sakuma. Finally spent, he collapsed on his back, unable to stay even vaguely upright anymore. Sakuma followed, kissing Abe thoroughly even if Abe was too disoriented to kiss back properly just at the moment. Abe’s softening dick slipped out of Sakuma, drawing a soft moan from Sakuma.

“Hey, Abeechi, can I fuck you?” Sakuma asked, nuzzling Abe’s ear.

“Don’t expect me to get it up again,” Abe grumbled, spreading his legs for Sakuma.

Sakuma chuckled. “Just relax, I’ll be gentle,” he promised, sliding smoothly into Abe.

Since he’d been fucked more than once earlier, Abe was a bit sore, but he was relaxed enough that he could ignore it, especially since he was pretty sure Sakuma wouldn’t last long enough for it to be a bother. Besides, Sakuma’s hands on his hips and sides were nice and warm, caressing gently while Sakuma fucked him.

Sakuma’s hips moved determinedly, fucking Abe at a steady pace. A few moans slipped out of Abe’s mouth, Sakuma’s dick sliding in and out of him feeling good even when he was utterly exhausted. Abe just wanted to sleep, but he made himself stay awake, because they really needed another shower once Sakuma was finally done, hopefully for good this time. With a final moan, Sakuma came, shoving deep into Abe. Sakuma collapsed half on top of Abe, cuddling close.

“Up,” Abe muttered, pushing at Sakuma’s shoulder. “Come on, shower and then you can sleep.”

Sakuma yawned. “You’re getting as silly as Nabesho with your showers,” he muttered, but got up regardless. Sleeping with semen slowly drying on and inside him wasn’t a good idea even for people who weren’t neat freaks like Watanabe.

This time, the shower went much faster, since there wasn’t nearly as much touching, Sakuma finally tired enough to be almost reasonable. Each of them got one of the remaining towels, since Abe had used most of their towels to protect Sakuma’s bed from come and rain water. Yawning, Sakuma flopped into bed, leaving it to Abe to turn off the lights and pull up the covers.

“No blowjobs before sunrise, please,” Abe yawned, eyes closing as soon as his head hit the pillow. Abe drifted off to sleep quickly, Sakuma curled close against his side like a pocket-sized personal heater.

Next up is mousapelli
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