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I'm so sorry for the lateness. I lost track of time while reviewing. But here it is. Mamamoo as kids who are trying to find out who ate Wheein's cookie. A generic short fic that's probably been seen in too many cartoons and story books. But oh well. I'm still on a mission to get a Mamamoo tag. lol

Here are your words thesockmonster! :)

“I mean, who does that?”

Four little girls are found pouting and complaining at a corner of the classroom. The other children are playing now but they couldn’t. They wouldn’t - no, not when it was the last cookie and it was meant for Wheein. Wheein wipes her tears. She’s been waiting to eat the cookie all week.

“Let’s find out who did it!” Hyejin stands up with her hands on her waist. She feels upset for her best friend who didn’t get to have her reward. She and the other two, Byulyi and Yongsun, don’t like seeing Wheein’s sad face.

They put on glasses and detective hats from the toy box. Magnifying glasses and a notepad are taken out as well. After gathering everything they need, they set out to look for clues and ask around. Yongsun and Byulyi go to the cookie jar while Hyejin drags Wheein to the other children.

“Do you see anything, Yongkong?” Byulyi looks around the cabinet where the teacher places the jar.

Yongsun is quiet, magnifying glass pushed almost on the floor. And then, there it is. She cries, “Aha! I found something, Byulkong!”

“What? What is it?” Byulyi runs over to where Yongsun is. She sees it as well. “A cookie crumb! And there’s a trail! Look, look! Let’s follow it!”

On the other side of the classroom, Hyejin stares down at a group of girls playing with the cooking set. “Where were you guys when Wheein’s cookie was stolen?”

“Uhh, here?” One of the girls answers. “We played house here when teacher left the room.”

“Really?” Hyejin stands straight and narrows her eyes at the girls until she feels a tug on her sleeve.

Wheein nods at Hyejin. “I saw them.”

“If you say so, Wheein.” Hyejin walks away with Wheein but not before she gestures at the girls ‘I’m watching you.’ She crosses out their names on the notepad.

The two ask everyone around but no one knows anything. No one was near the cookie jar all day. Hyejin is getting frustrated while Wheein tells her that “It’s okay. Maybe teacher will give me another one.” They try to group back together with Yongsun and Byulyi but the others couldn’t be found. Now they had a missing cookie and missing friends. What is going on?

Just then, the classroom door opens and in comes the teacher, Byulyi, and Yongsun. The two children smile and wave at Wheein before pointing at their teacher excitedly. “Look, Wheein!”

And there it was on the teacher’s hands, Wheein’s cookie plus three more decorated nicely on a paper plate saying ‘Good job, Wheein!’ She shouts in joy and thanks their teacher who pats her head and gives her a small carton of milk to go with the cookie.

“We followed the cookie crumbs and footprints!” Yongsun tells Hyejin and Wheein when they sit down. She bounces happily on her seat. “And we found teacher!”

Byulyi nods, smiling at Wheein. “Teacher said she wanted to give you something special for helping her clean the room.”

Wheein’s face lights up and her friends think she looks best when happy. She hands each of them a cookie from her plate. “Thank you for helping me!”

The case is now closed. The cookies disappear into their stomachs and all their detective things hide in the toy box again. Wheein hugs her friends tight before they go. Friends are better than any cookie.
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