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[Team Five] pros and cons of broken locks

Title: pros and cons of broken locks
Pairing: chen/luhan
Rating: R
Warnings: black out before rated material, swearing
Word Count: 1.3k
Summary: Jongdae has a crush, and Lu Han has an offer.

pros and cons of broken locks

It is not anything outlandish to say that a four bedroom apartment with two bathrooms is problematic enough for four college boys, but when only two of the renters have met before the rooming agreement was signed and another one has the most interesting ways of handling his anger management problems, there are more problems to deal with than the average household of four college boys rooming together.

The amount of times Kyungsoo has broken the door handle to the bathroom shared by Jongdae and Lu Han is starting to get absurd (and why he can't break the door handle to his own bathroom is a mystery Jongdae can't quite solve).

The amount of times Jongdae has walked in on Lu Han in the shower due to said broken door handle is also starting to get absurd. It’s not really on accident on anymore, however. Jongdae’s just human. How can he resist getting a glimpse of his object of desire when a broken doorknob serves as the perfect excuse?

It's the same scene every time: Jongdae has his earbuds in, blasting music at levels Kyungsoo will nag him for later, and misses the sound of the shower running. He opens the door, about to tug his earbuds out and grab a fresh towel when he notices Lu Han is mouthing swear words and "get out!" at him through the glass door of the shower. Jongdae scrambles backwards and leaves, closing the door as best he can behind him.

There was one time, however, that sticks in Jongdae’s mind. Jongdae, instead of smoothly escaping out the door, had slipped and knocked his head against the doorframe as he attempted to backpedal, and he’d dropped his phone in the process, his earbuds yanked from his ears.

It was not Lu Han ranting about privacy that slammed into him instead of his alternative playlist, but rather something of an invitation.

"--ook, if you really wanted to join me in the shower, you could have just asked," Lu Han was saying. "I could use a jerk-off partner." He’d leered at Jongdae squatting down to snatch up his phone. The new angle had given him the perfect view of Lu Han's cock, and he’d squinted.

"If there was something worth jerking off to, maybe I would," he’d declared, voice raised so Lu Han could hear him.

"Excuse me, you fucker!" Lu Han started off again, and his privacy rant was about to go full fledge again when Jongdae had escaped out the door, breathing hard.

That incident had stuck in Jongdae’s mind, and he can’t forget Lu Han casually inviting him to shower with him. Lu Han hadn’t known Jongdae could hear him, but Jongdae had. And he’s very tempted to try to take Lu Han up on his offer.

The truth is, Lu Han's cock is very nice, and Jongdae is very gay, and jerking off to Lu Han is something he does on the regular (he doesn't talk about it), so now that he has actual material so go off of, Jongdae isn't too intent on getting the door handle fixed. Lu Han's entire memory is focused on his upcoming engineering exam, so every time Kyungsoo breaks the door handle, Jongdae refuses to get it fixed, and Lu Han never remembers.

It's the perfect excuse to keep walking in one his hot roommate, and Jongdae wonders if he's reaching stalker level creepy yet. (Buying the binoculars, though they were on sale, for the next time he marches in on Lu Han working a hand around his own cock, would be too much, he repeats over and over in his head as Baekhyun, the fourth roommate, drags him past the display on the way to the hardware section of Home Depot.)

Baekhyun, however oblivious he is to the goings-on at home, far too invested in Kyungsoo's I'm-too-straight-for-you ass, has been keeping a record of how many times Jongdae has "accidentally" walked in on Lu Han's shower.

"Twenty-three," Baekhyun says, plopping Jongdae down and his desk chair and promptly sprawling himself across Jongdae's bed. "Twenty-three shots can kill you my friend. I diagnose that you have a problem."

"Lu Han isn’t alcohol, Baek," Jongdae sighs even as he fidgets, repeatedly crossing his arms one way and then the other, crossing and uncrossing his legs. “And he’s not a gun either.” Baekhyun eyes him expectantly, ignoring his sarcasm. Jongdae gives in. “Yes, Dr. Byun, what is my problem?”

"Your problem is that you want a piece of Lu Han's dick, and you're too chicken to just say it," Baekhyun says. He pops his gum. "So I have to listen to you jerking off to our friendly, neighborhood, grad-student pretty boy every night. I'm kind of ready for a good night's sleep."

"I do not want--"

"Ugh, Lu Han, Luhan," Baekhyun cuts in immediately. "Fffffuck, Lu--!"

"Shut up!" Jongdae snaps, leaping up from his seat to smother Baekhyun's cackling face with a pillow. Baekhyun fights back, pulling his head up just enough from the pillow to smirk at Jongdae.

"Breathplay?" He giggles. "Kinky." Jongdae pulls the pillow back and smacks Baekhyun soundly in the back of the head with it.

"Sexual frustration makes you so violent, jeez," Baekhyun says. "But seriously. Just go for it, dude. You're wasting precious time you could have spent fucking him by jerking off to him." He pats Jongdae's head and gets up, heading for the door.

Baekhyun leaves with a glare back in Jongdae's direction. "And if you fuck him, use his room. Kyungsoo can be bothered by your screaming for once instead of me." Jongdae just throws the pillow at him.

The thought of actually joining Lu Han in the shower, of doing something about his stupid crush on Lu Han, has planted itself in Jongdae's mind already though, and he finds himself plotting exactly how this needs to go down. If he assumes that his walking in will go just like it always does, Lu Han will offer him an invitation. From there, Jongdae's job is fairly easy even if it is quite nerve-wracking.

After all, rejection is never easy. Rejection hurts even if he's literally going to just ask Lu Han to finger him or something.

Of course, by the next week, Kyungsoo has snapped the door handle again, and Jongdae is intentionally not replacing it, and Lu Han is too focused on engineering to think about something as mundane as a door knob. Jongdae is nervous. His opportunity has arrived.

"Alright," he whispers to himself, putting his earbuds in. He doesn't turn on any music this time lest he miss Lu Han's asking him if he wants to join him in the shower. "Let's do this."

Baekhyun flashes him a thumbs up from where he's pretending to nap on Kyungsoo's shoulder. Jongdae rolls his eyes at Kyungsoo, and Kyungsoo frowns, his version of “what the hell are you up to?” Jongdae keeps walking right past him, deciding explaining his intent to indulge in the birds and the bees to his fellow undergrad student is something Baekhyun can handle.

Jongdae marches himself right up to the bathroom door, takes a breath, and flings the door open.

"Damnit," he hears Lu Han's voice, muffled from the shower and the earbuds still pressed into his ears. "Are we really going to play this game again?" Lu Han takes a breath, and he starts in on some crap about Jongdae knowing the door is open. Jongdae decides 'fuck it' and tugs his earbuds from his ears.

"Actually going to say something this time?" Lu Han asks, sliding open the glass shower door. He's standing fully naked in front of Jongdae now, water running down his body, and Jongdae's mouth feels so very dry.

"Yes," he manages. He licks his lips, and Lu Han raises an eyebrow expectantly. Jongdae opens his mouth to say something else, but then Lu Han is already speaking.

"Look," he says. "Every time you've walked in here I've asked if you want to join me, and every time you run away. My ego can't take much more of this."

Jongdae chokes. "Umm?"

"Oh my god," Lu Han hisses. "Are you going to join me in this shower or are you not? I'm getting cold standing like this." Jongdae glances from Lu Han's cock (a very nice cock he'd very much like to touch) to his face, and he thinks of Baekhyun mocking him for backing down for the twenty-fourth time.

"I'm joining," he says, resolute. He takes a step forward, and Lu Han's lips twitch into a crooked grin.

"Alright," he says. "Take off your clothes and get in here. I'm getting bored of just jerking off to you anyway."

Jongdae freezes. "Jerking...off? To me?" Is he flying? He thinks he might be flying.

"You're hot," Lu Han says, unapologetic. "And let's not pretend you don't jerk off to me. I think the whole floor has heard you."

Jongdae's face heats. He blames the steam from the shower.

"So come here and let's give them something to listen to," Lu Han offers again, and Jongdae can't undress fast enough.

"Yeah," he says. "Yeah, okay."

From the living room, Baekhyun's screech of 'fucking finally!' echoes off the bathroom tiles as Jongdae steps under the spray and is dragged into a kiss that's been twenty-three times thwarted.

Twenty-fourth time's the charm, anyway.

I'm sorry I'm too lazy to write the full thing but just know this would only be the start of a million more problems before luchen actually get their shit together and date like proper humans. I love them.

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