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[Team Five] Maps

Sorry this is getting out so late, but alas! Life! Here we go! Starting off this round and good luck to everyone on the team! Again, please let me know if I can be of any help ~

He wakes with a start, sweat dripping from his brow and sticking to his skin just as his breathing, rapid, stick in the back of his mouth. Eyes wide and starting at the darkened ceiling, it takes a moment of his stilling the desperate need for air in his lungs to take in a brief survey of the room.

It's empty, just as it had been when he went to bed. He remembers it, mind clearing enough from the dream that had woken him, setting in for the night. The shadows are the same, the linens in the bed just as always, and the handgun under his pillow still just at his fingertips should he need it.

It had just been a dream.

With a sigh that feels too heavy, Jinyoung closes his eyes and pushes a hand into his hair, dragging nails over his scalp. It's soothing, just like it has always been, as he sits up. The muscles in his back tense and pull, still stiff from sleep, and he breathes as best he can to control the still shaking tremors from the dream.

It had been familiar, one he had seen before, time and time again since the first time it happened. No dream is ever like what really happened, something just a bit out of place, making it worse than what actually happened.

As if what actually happened wasn't bad enough.

Absently, he lets his hand fall, fingers coming to rest over the scars at his left shoulder. Opening his eyes, he can see the light filtering in from the window as it spreads over the covers of his bed, wrinkled moonlight and city light pollution dispersing the darkness and shadows.

Tomorrow, he doesn't have to wake up at a specific time to put on a uniform to go to work. He can sleep in, try to recover some of the sleep that has just been disturbed.

The only problem is that every time Jinyoung has this dream, the one where he failed and everything fell apart, he never can quite get back to sleep again until morning.

Letting out another sigh, Jinyoung lets himself fall back into bed, back hitting the mattress with a soft thud as he repeats through his head that it's just a dream. It's over.

It will never happen again.

He made sure of it.


tagging daestruct for the next turn! Good luck and have fun!
Tags: *team five, fandom: got7, love ranger: troubleseason
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