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[Team Sonic] Takako

Starting Sonic back up XD

Mitsu/Nika, because Nika is ridiculously cute in a skirt.

Nikaido squeaked as his back hit the wall. Kitayama’s face was suddenly very close. “Now what do we have here?” Kitayama asked, fingers teasing at the edge of Nikaido’s short skirt.

“I was just-” Nikaido began, cheeks heating up. “It’s not like that!”

“Uh-huh.” Kitayama sounded quite smug. “Of course it isn’t.”

Kitayama leaned in, brushing his lips over Nikaido’s glossy pink lips. The blond wig looked pretty cute on Nikaido’s head and the length of Nikaido’s skirt allowed Kitayama a good view of his slender legs. Nikaido kissed back after a moment, hands rising to fist in Kitayama’s shirt. By the time Kitayama drew back, Nikaido was panting, chest rising and falling pretty quickly.

“So easy, Nika-chan,” Kitayama taunted. “Or should I call you Takako?”

Nikaido began to protest but didn’t get more than a word out because Kitayama leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

“Want me to take you out for dinner first, Takako?”

Reaching down, Nikaido grabbed Kitayama’s crotch, squeezing his dick through his pants. “Do I look like the kind of girl who needs a dinner and a date first?” he asked.

Playing along, Kitayama looked him over, an obvious leer on his face. Kitayama’s eyes traveled over Nikaido’s long, long legs, short skirt, tight top, pink, glossy lips, dark eyeliner and bright eyeshadow, and finally the chin-length blond wig. Then his eyes wandered back to Nikaido’s pretty lips. “No, I can see quite clearly what kind of girl you are.”

Nikaido sank to his knees and grinned up at Kitayama. “What kind is that?” he asked while he opened Kitayama’s pants and pulled his dick free.

“The fun kind, obviously.” Kitayama put his hand on the back of Nikaido’s head, a bit annoyed that he couldn’t dig his fingers into Nikaido’s hair without pulling the wig off and spoiling the illusion. “Mmh, yeah,” he moaned when Nikaido sucked his dick in without any teasing. Nikaido’s pink lips looked amazing stretched around Kitayama’s dick, the lipgloss making it even more appealing than usual. “Suck it good, Takako.”

Nikaido looked up at Kitayama the whole time he sucked his dick, making a bit of a show of it to make sure that Kitayama watched him in return. Kitayama had no intention of looking away - Nikaido was always worth watching and Nikaido in drag with glossy pink lips wasn’t any less appealing.

“Close,” Kitayama warned. Nikaido usually swallowed, though Kitayama wouldn’t have minded coming over Nikaido’s pretty face even if it would ruin his makeup.

Nikaido just sucked harder, moaning around Kitayama’s shaft. When Kitayama came, Nikaido hummed at the salty taste on his tongue, swallowing it all. He gave Kitayama’s dick one last, slow lick up the whole shaft from balls to tip, then stood up, leaving Kitayama to tuck himself back into his pants.

“Now what shall I do with you, Takako?” Kitayama asked, sounding a bit breathless.

Nikaido didn’t actually get any chance to make suggestions, because Kitayama kissed him again, not caring at all about the taste of his own come in Nikaido’s mouth. One of Kitayama’s hands was flat against the wall, keeping Nikaido in place, while Kitayama’s second hand wandered down, teasing over the soft fabric of Nikaido’s skirt.

Nikaido moaned against Kitayama’s lips, eager and impatient. Slowly, slowly, Kitayama trailed his fingers up Nikaido’s inner thigh, under Nikaido’s short skirt, to finally brush over Nikaido’s shorts. Nikaido was wearing briefs and shorts on top of those, a necessity when wearing skirts on stage. Kitayama chuckled when his fingers brushed over Nikaido’s hard dick, straining against two layers of fabric.

Nikaido groaned at finally getting touched, fingers digging into Kitayama’s shoulders. “Mitsu,” he moaned against Kitayama’s lips, a note of pleading in his voice. If he’d still been playing a girl, he might have protested, might have said he wasn’t that easy, to draw it out a bit longer, but he was too turned on to bother with playing at this point. Nikaido moaned, pushing his hips forward to get Kitayama to touch him more firmly - through two layers of underwear, he didn’t exactly feel much of a teasing touch.

Grinning, Kitayama applied a firmer touch, rubbing Nikaido’s dick roughly through his shorts. As turned on as Nikaido was, it wouldn’t take long to get him off. Even muffled by Kitayama’s lips, Nikaido was loud, his moans getting louder by the minute.

Breaking the kiss, Kitayama kissed his way to Nikaido’s ear. He licked at Nikaido’s earlobe, then blew air over it, making Nikaido shiver. “Come for me, Takako,” he whispered, looking incredibly smug when Nikaido cried out and obeyed, his come staining his shorts.

Shaking, Nikaido sagged against the wall. “Fuck, Mitsu,” he groaned, “you know how to show a girl a good time.”
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