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[TEAM ONE] Welcome and Intro

Weeeelcome my lovely and reorganised Team One! This is your Captain speaking~~!

We have some new faces so I'd like to welcome oneforyourfire and carpesoo to the game, and eoryndal to the team. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask~. You can PM me here, or you can find me very easily on Twitter.

Our order is:


If you have any particular preferences for how to be contacted to let you know when it's your turn (if Frank the Goat eats your notification email, which he very may well do), please leave them in the comments and I will do so. Otherwise I'm mostly comfortable on Twitter, so it's most natural for me to poke people there (and I will ;)).

Otherwise, please have fun!


This is the setup for a fic that will never be written. But it's a fun setup, I suppose.

It is unknown to most of the world that up the top of a deserted, magical mountain in southern China, there is a wizarding school.

This wizarding school, named 魔山 (Mó Shān, or, in English, the simple but descriptive Magic Mountain), may not be as renowned as Hogwarts in Scotland, or Germany’s Durmstrang, or the French Beauxbatons, or even Japan’s Mahoutokoro. It is a mixed gender school which starts during the year the students turn eleven years old and finishes before they turn nineteen, using the Western schooling and aging system but the Chinese school year system—August-July, and students born January-December—, and combining middle and high schools together the way many European schools do.

It is comprised of four Houses, but, unlike Hogwarts, these are not named for the school’s founders, for there was only one (a man named Li Xiongzi, with ‘zi’ being a title meaning ‘Master’, who finished the school at the end of his life), but rather for famous Asian philosophers and scholars; Laozi, who created Taoism, Han Fei, who developed Legalism, Choe Chung, a poet and Confucianist scholar who is considered the grandfather of the Korean educational system, and Li Si, a scholar who later became Prime Minister to the first Qin Emperor. These are said to be remarkably similar to the four Hogwarts Houses, although Li Xiongzi had not intended this when he created the school, wherein Laozi would be considered equal to Hufflepuff, Han Fei to Ravenclaw, Choe Chung to Gryffindor and Li Si to Slytherin.

Like Hogwarts and Mahoutokoro, each House has a colour assigned to it. Laozi is violet, Han Fei is white, Choe Chung is gold and Li Si is a strong medium blue. The rest of the uniforms are black, the coloured collars, trims and cloak badges bright against the darkness of the shade. Each House has a badge as well, depicting something different. Laozi has an infinity symbol made out of a handshake, Han Fei has a quill and inkwell, Choe Chung has a weighted set of measuring scales, and Li Si has a snake’s tongue, though not the rest of the snake.

Although the school is in China, classes are taken in English and the students use a combination of Mandarin and Korean when interacting with each other. The majority of the students are Korean due to magic lessening in China recently.

The current headmaster of the school is an old wizard called Han Geng who is over one hundred years old and is rumoured to have been a popstar and popular muggle actor in his youth, although there is no remaining evidence of this.

Hihi softboys~
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