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I think I'm a little late? Sorry! And I'm still on my quest to getting a tag for Mamamoo. lol

And just like that, the moment is over.

Wheein slowly opens her eyes as she sits up on her bed. Her eyes take in the familiarity of her room. Frustration builds in her bones. Again with that dream. An irritated huff escapes her lips as she resigns to going about her day as always. Her brain feels like cotton while she eats breakfast and washes up. It’s almost as if it couldn’t let the dream go and stayed in that state.

“Stupid dream,” she grumbles. Although, it’s a terrible lie. Her dream is wonderful and all sorts of magical. She simply hates how it couldn’t be real.

The loud ringing of her phone catches her off-guard, making her shout in surprise. She grabs it and answers the call, “What’s up, Hyejin-ah?”

“Did you meet your Lady Moon again, Wheein-ah?” The low voice of her best friend, Hyejin, is surely trying to hold back a laugh. This is the greeting she gets every morning since she shared her nightly visions.

She rolls her eyes with an exasperated smile. “Very funny. That line’s getting pretty old like Yongsun-unnie.”

“If she hears that you said that, you’re in big trouble.” This time, Hyejin doesn’t hesitate to laugh outright, somewhat muted but still contagious. Wheein laughs with her, louder and full of emotion.

“Well, unless you’re gonna snitch on me, she’ll never know.” Wheein is tempted to lay back down on her bed but opts to put the things she needs for class in her bag. “So, any particular reason you called today? Or are you just totally missing me you couldn’t wait for another 30 minutes?”

Hyejin snorts at the sentiment. “I don’t particularly miss you. We have all the same classes. This is called a routine, Wheein. A routine. We call each other every morning.”

A laugh bubbles out as Wheein zips her bag. “I’m well-aware of that. Can’t I hold a mutiny against the routine? Down with boring routines!”

“I’ll call Yongsun-unnie then,” Hyejin challenges, smugness coloring her tone.

Wheein slings her bag on her shoulder as she marches out of her small dorm room. “Fine. Call her.”

She opens the door with a smile on her face. Hyejin is, as always, already standing beside it with a grin on her lips. They both end the call and hook their arms together as they walk out of the building. Wheein comments, “Go on. Call Yongsun-unnie. Or well, try to call. She might be on the phone with Eric-hyung.”

“She’s gonna slap us hard in embarrassment if she finds out why we call him Eric-hyung.” Hyejin snickers and shares a conspiratorial look with Wheein before bringing out her phone again. She dials up their older friend’s number.

“Oh, Hyejin. I was just about to call you.” Yongsun’s voice clearly indicates her good mood. Although, she’s almost always in a good mood, always smiling or laughing. “This is really fate!”

Wheein presses her ear against Hyejin’s phone to hear the conversation. She giggles at Yongsun’s comment before elbowing Hyejin to respond. Hyejin then asks, “You were? Why’s that, unnie? Did something happen?”

“Eric-oppa told me it’s fine to invite you both on our trip to Yeongdong! We’ll have so much fun!” Yongsun’s excitement is certainly infectious even through the phone. Wheein and Hyejin look at each other, eyes almost outright sparkling.

“That’s awesome!” They both exclaim. They also do a short celebratory dance in the middle of the hallway without care. The other university students laugh, already aware of the famous duo in the dorms. Wheein and Hyejin have quite a reputation.

“Henry-ssi and Amber are also coming along. And, hi Wheein!” Yongsun speaks again after the two have calmed down. “It’ll be next weekend. Two days and one night.”

Hearing her name, Wheein pulls the phone closer to her mouth. “Hi, unnie! We’re definitely going with you guys. I need my well-deserved break.”

“That makes two of us,” Hyejin quips in.

Yongsun laughs at their whining. “I knew it. Okay. Let’s talk more later. I have to get ready. Stay safe you two.”

Once the call ends, Wheein and Hyejin both dance a little in victory again. Some time away from all the brain work is more than welcome. Wheein couldn’t wait to taste the famous wines and see the scenic mountain views. She sighs wistfully as she imagines all the comfort and relaxation she’ll enjoy. There’s a fleeting image from her dream that sneaks in.

A hidden lake surrounded by trees holds beautiful secrets at night.

She snaps out of her thoughts as Hyejin’s smirk comes into view. Her cheeks warm up as she evades the inquiries and drags Hyejin to class. There are more important things to ponder on than a recurring dream.

Your turn amlika! :)
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