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[TEAM FOUR] they never know

I'm about 3/4 done with this but I feel bad for stopping the team from moving on so this is half of the fic. Yup, still in the svt hellhole and yup, still too in love with the wonwoo/mingyu pairing to not write about them again.

Soulmate!AU where Wonwoo waits for his soulmate while watching Soonyoung getting his own happiness. (Title is from exo's beautiful song.)

It’ll happen soon, Wonwoo’s mother had taken to say lately while tousling his brown hair fondly, a tinkle of laughter escaping her lips when his own lips pursed into a straight line, a sure sign of his exasperation.

He never understood why his mother felt a need for such words for he had never shown much concern over his lack of a soulmate. An undue cause of worry, he insisted every time this happened but his mother would always wave his indignant assertions away and continued, with the knowing glint in his father’s kind eyes acting as a convenient accomplice to her teasing.

It was not like he didn’t know full well that he was the current topic of the housewives’ indulgent gossips during the hot afternoons. Or that he didn’t notice the electrified air of conversations left hanging mid-sentences when he entered the convenience store and the way ravenous eyes drilled holes into his back, reading more gleefully into his every action than they would into the scandals of shady politicians.

He didn’t need a soulmate, his mind persuaded him when his twenty-third birthday came and went without so much as a black dot bestowed on the flawless white skin of his wrist. Why pine for a stranger when he already has a family who loves and supports him in everything he does? What can a soulmate do that Soonyoung and Mingyu haven’t already done in all the years they have known him? (As much as he can barely tolerate their noisy boisterousness sometimes, he’s thankful for everything the two have done for him and the close bond they have built ever since their diapers days. … Not that he would ever be caught admitting this to them because he’s sure they would never let him live this down if they were to know of his true sentiments.)

Even when he’s cooped in the house with a mug of coffee on a rainy day or sunny days spent under the shade of the huge oak tree, he always found a much more agreeable companionship in books, especially those that filled him with a sense of wonder and love for the worlds so different from his own.

So when Soonyoung shyly pulled the sleeve of his sweater away to reveal black ink inscribing the name of a certain Lee Seokmin across his wrist, why did dread first seize Wonwoo’s heart, leaving him breathless and speechless before the wave of elation for a dear friend finally washed over him as he pulled the smaller one into a tight embrace? (Of course, his soft scoffs went ignored when Soonyoung later complained to Mingyu about his tears soaking through the woolen sweater but conveniently forgot to mention the mix of snot and tears left on his cotton shirt too.)

Lee Seokmin turned out to be equally warm-hearted and lively as Soonyoung, with eyes diminishing to crescent-moon slits of tenderness and his face perpetually brightened up by brilliant grins, full of teeth and hearty laughter bursting through like fresh water gushing over the banks of the hot spring. Nobody was surprised when the tip of Soonyoung’s ears turned glaringly red, the blush spreading to his cheeks and staying there throughout their first meeting, and the exchange of nauseatingly starry-eyed gazes between the two were obvious signs of the soulmates’ mutual feelings.

Wonwoo’s happiness for Soonyoung was genuine and he was heartened that from now on, there is someone who loves his dear friend wholly and ardently more than any of Soonyoung’s friends and family could do; for that is the unbreakable bond between soulmates, the completeness of the love two individuals coming together have for each other. But beneath the smiles and the gladness, he didn’t understand the sense of loneliness seeping into the cracks of his heart, didn’t like the fear curdling in his stomach making him sick and his palms slick with sweat.

When Seokmin made a clever pun and Soonyoung giggled behind the shield of stubby fingers, he straightened up and willed the wrecking fear away from himself, his head thrown back and his arm raised to muffle the string of hysterical laughter. Seated beside him, Mingyu guffawed loudly with large hands clapping at the sheer wittiness before one of the long arm dropped around his shoulder (at which Seokmin raised an eyebrow for reasons he does not know of) and the unblemished skin of the other’s wrist peeked out from below the sleeve of Mingyu’s shirt.

The younger one was the last of his friends without a soulmate and to be brutally honest, Wonwoo wasn’t surprised; it probably takes a terrible patient and composed person to be able to tolerate Mingyu’s incessant nagging and the many accidents waiting to happen, all because the boy could never keep his long limbs in control.

Whatever reasons the universe was keeping their soulmates away from the both of them, Wonwoo didn’t think that lacking a soulmate at his age was that bad a deal – after all, he still had Mingyu to keep him accompany and to hold his hand.

(Later at night, as he lay under the covers with no one to put on a strong front for and nothing to shield him from his rawest thoughts, he could finally admit to himself that he feared getting left behind by everyone he loves.

Most of all, he dreaded the day when Mingyu leaves him for a name imprinted in thin black ink across the span of golden-brown tanned skin.)

bluedreaming, your turn! So sorry for taking such a long time with this! ((I understand that I'm moving to another team?))
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