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[team one] the thief and the hunter

A snippet from my exordium. Baekhyun and Jongdae share a quiet moment in the night.

His world isn’t that cold anymore.

Growing up alone and poor, Baekhyun never had much in his life. The City was no place for a boy like him. He had to steal to survive, and though this got him a fair share of beatings in his younger years it taught him how to become stealthier so no one would catch him stealing again.

In the end, all he did was condemn himself to loneliness. No one wants a thief for a friend.

Except Jongdae, apparently. Jongdae, who once caught him stealing expensive jewels and rather than turning him in, helped him escape. Jongdae, who curiously tagged along to see Baekhyun’s hideout and taught him a few things about hunting. Jongdae, who willingly brought him into this adventure so they could stick together because it could get dangerous and because neither of them knew their new companions.

It is thanks to Jongdae that he is here now, out on adventure with strange but interesting people. People who are all misfits in some way, and they can find solitude in it. And he feels less alone.

Baekhyun lets out a sigh as he looks at the lake in front of him, barely visible behind all the fog, and runs a hand through his hair. It is quiet out here, and he needs some of that after being around the others for so long, even though they’re probably all asleep by now.

“You do realize you can’t see shit through the fog, right? So your dramatic staring looks kind of dumb.”

Jumping where he sits, Baekhyun turns to see Jongdae approaching. His hood is covering his head, probably to protect himself from the cold, but he takes it off when he sits down next to Baekhyun. “I wasn’t staring dramatically,” Baekhyun says simply, meeting his gaze but tearing away from it only a split second after. “I was just thinking. Kind of distracted.”

The Hunter looks at him dryly. “I thought you were a good thief. Always keep focused, and all that. If I had been planning to kill you you would be dead now.”

“It’s a good thing you’re not here to kill me, then.” Baekhyun beams at him, his usual cheekiness restored.

“Well, the night is still young,” Jongdae reasons, leaning back on his elbows and quirking a brow when the other snorts. “So what were you thinking about? Not your next steal, I presume.”

“We might die out here,” Baekhyun says casually and lays down on his back to stare up at the cloudy night sky. Behind some thinner clouds he can faintly make out where the moon is. “So no, I’m not that interested in what I’ll steal if I come back. I will cross that bridge when I get to it. It’s better to not expect anything.” His voice sounds normal, but he knows that Jongdae can tell when something is on his mind. He feels the other’s gaze on him and resolutely keeps staring at the moon.

Then Jongdae lays down as well, humming. When Baekhyun sneaks a glance, the Hunter is looking up at the sky. “What do you think of the others?”

“I think the Druid is still mad at me after I tried to look in his dark magic book,” Baekhyun points out. “He shouldn’t have left it there for a curious thief to see.”

Jongdae chuckles, turning his head to look at him for a second, and the corners of his lips are curled like always in the most charming of ways. His face is illuminated as the moon emerges from its cloudy covers, its light reflected in the Hunter’s eyes. “I’m sure he will warm up to you. At least if you try to be less...annoying. It might help if you learn to use his name.”

“I could,” Baekhyun says, and lets the words hang in the air rather than continuing. There is nothing else to say about it. Instead, they both lie there in silence. He thinks he hears faint voices in the distance, most likely from their camp.

“We might die out here.” Jongdae repeats Baekhyun’s earlier words, more softly.

“Yes.” He does not hesitate in replying.

“Does that scare you?” This time, Jongdae adjusts his position to lie on the side, facing Baekhyun. “I mean, the thought of dying here?” He looks curious and maybe a little concerned. Baekhyun watches him as he thinks about it.

Both of them have faced possible death several times without ever thinking about it much. But this is different. They do not know what they are going to meet. Anything could happen, and they all know it is dangerous. “I don’t think so,” Baekhyun says honestly, looking back at the night sky before continuing. “I think...if I have to die I would rather it was on an adventure, with you, and I suppose with the rest of the gang, than all alone. There would be fewer...fewer regrets.”

When he looks at Jongdae again, their eyes meet. They share a silent moment like that, until Jongdae says, “Yes.”

Fewer regrets, Baekhyun thinks, gaze trained on his friend. He could die in battle with his new companions with fewer regrets, because the past few days have felt much more fulfilling than any other time in his life. And yet he thinks it is this that makes him want to fight for his life even harder.

“Baekhyun,” Jongdae says, but then there is a shout from the camp, and they both bolt upright.

“Was that-” Baekhyun starts.

“Junmyeon, I think,” Jongdae finishes. “We should go see what is going on.”

And just like that, the moment is over.

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