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[Team Sonic Special] Clockwork Dragon

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Magic AU! Angst and fighting XD

Smiles were rare lately. The clockwork dragons were evolving faster than human weapons tech could keep up. The discovery of gifted individuals, able to wield powerful, destructive magic, gave mankind hope. These magic users, untrained and liable to self-destruction, were the only thing standing between humanity and utter destruction.

“Ryota!” Watanabe yelled, struggling against the bone and metal claw pinning him against the wall, desperate to get to his boyfriend and partner.

“I’m fine,” Miyadate called back, the lie obvious to anyone with eyes. The tentacle curled around his ankle was dragging him slowly but steadily towards the dragon’s gaping jaws and his broken sword was making no impression at all on the multilayered metal limb.

The clockwork dragon roared, spraying shards of metal. Miyadate got his arm up just in time to shield his face from the shrapnel - this was how Fukazawa had lost his eyes the first time they fought a clockwork dragon, not quite a year ago. Sharp little bits of metal bit into Miyadate’s flesh, stinging hot like Watanabe’s fire spells. Shrugging off the pain, Miyadate took his chance, jumping right into the dragon’s open jaw to skewer it right through the roof of its mouth, thrusting his sword into the dragon’s brain.

With a shriek of metal, the dragon died, motion stopping instantly. Kicking off the now inert tentacle, Miyadate ran to help Iwamoto free Watanabe from the stranglehold of the giant metal claw. The claw was almost down when Watanabe’s eyes suddenly widened. “Duck!” he ordered, and Miyadate and Iwamoto dropped instantly. A stream of flame shot from Watanabe’s hand, igniting the giant clockwork dragon that had emerged from the hole in the floor, ready to swallow them all with one bite of its humongous jaws. The dragon screamed, exploding into a shower of hot metal. Only Iwamoto’s shield, thrown up hastily, kept them from a fiery death.

Watanabe collapsed to the floor, utterly spent. His already thin body looked even more emaciated, showing the toll his magic demanded. Sliding his arms under Watanabe, Miyadate picked him up with frightening ease.
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