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[Team two] untitled

Ok so this is a part of a huuuuuuge crossover au and it just happened to fit in #nice (also untitled bc I think my brain is fried rn #NotSoNice)
added an article in the beginning + changed tense uvu
either way it's just tdogg here, Hansol and Jenissi (+ Jiho but he's only mentioned)

A hand cupped his jaw and Taeyang slowly opened his eyes, only to meet the piercing yellow eyes of a vampire. He had a round and childlike face, making him look like he was barely out of his teens but the look in his eyes told Taeyang otherwise. His hair was black and the fringe covered his forehead. Blue veins, in stark contrast to his pale skin, crawled up his neck and Taeyang felt a shiver run through his body. Those blue veins would be less visible if the vampire just drained Taeyang of whatever blood he had left in his body.

Taeyang inhaled, a wheezing sound slipping from his lips as he did. Everything hurt and he couldn't move.

"W-what do you want?" he asked the vampire. At first he didn't reply and Taeyang took that moment of silence to observe him. He didn't look like he was about to kill Taeyang, he just looked curious.

"I'm Hansol," he finally said, his voice a lot more high pitched than Taeyang had expected.

"I'm T-Taeyang."

"I know," Hansol said, small smile on his lips and Taeyang let out a shaking breath. He didn't look as intimidating now, he just looked like a child. "Jiho talks about you a lot."


Taeyang's heart clenched. He hadn't seen Jiho for a few weeks now, not after the vampire had told him they needed to leave. He hadn't seen Jiho since Jiho broke his heart.

"A-are..." Taeyang coughed, his whole body jerking as he did and the pain in his bones was getting worse. "Are y-you Jiho's master?" he asked and Hansol nodded, his cold thumb stroking Taeyang's cheek.

"Where is he?"

"He's at home," Hansol replied and Taeyang nodded. "Let's talk about Jiho later, you're dying Taeyang."

"I-I know," Taeyang said, inhaling sharply. It was getting hard to speak and it felt like something was suffocating him, like there was a pressure on his chest. "B-but Ji-Jiho is he... is he okay?"

"He's okay," Hansol confirmed and Taeyang felt relief wash over him. "You'll be seeing him soon," he continued and before Taeyang could react, Hansol's sharp teeth pierced through his skin and in a matter of seconds, a fire was spreading inside his body.

thesecretdoor you're up!
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