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[Team Five]

This probably makes little sense.

Another girl walks through the door, another face that Lu Han inspects for familiarity and, upon finding her to be the wrong person again, deflates. He slouches in his seat, a cup of cooling coffee in his hands as he awaits his date. He stares into the generic, disposable container as if he'll find the meaning of his life in the swirling browns of over-priced coffee that tastes worse than the generic brand he puts in his coffee maker at home.

At the not-so-young age of twenty-eight, Lu Han has finally succumbed to his first blind date. He's rather proud that he's withstood the power of his mother's pouting for this long; she's been trying to set him up with the daughters of her friends since he was twenty. "It will give your life purpose," she used to tell him, as if Lu Han's own aspirations weren't enough.

Now that Lu Han is finally settled into himself, comfortable in his ability to provide for himself and a potential family, he's more open to the idea of dating. It's just now he's suddenly too old to remember how to go about it. Back in college, he was more of a free spirit - less about commitment and more about a good time. Men or women, Lu Han would indulge for a week, maybe two before they would go their own ways.

The bell over the door tinkles and Lu Han habitually sits up straight again, shoulders drooping when he sees the profile of a man walking toward the counter. Even in his disappointment at probably having been stood up, Lu Han watches the customer. He's attractive, short, wearing a pair of jeans that hug his thighs. There was a time in Lu Han's life when he would have gone right up to that man and offered to pay for his coffee.

Lu Han pulls his eyes away after a minute, sighing as he turns to peer outside at the people walking past the shop. It's useless getting caught up in his head when there's a real world, and a real girl who is supposed to be meeting him.


Lu Han startles, blinking across the small table to see that the man he'd been staring at is now sitting with him. "Hi?" Lu Han offers.

The man smiles. Lu Han gets the vaguest sense that he's drowning, taken in by a beautiful smile on an unreasonably handsome face. "I take it you don't do this often?"

Lu Han leans forward, fingers clasped around his cup. "Do what?"

"Blind dates," the guy explains, waving a hand. His other hand is resting on the outside of his cup. His coffee is steaming, several drops clinging to the lip from where he's already taken a sip.

"You - are you Minseok?"

"I am."

Lu Han had been expecting a woman. In fact, he pulls up the photo his mother had texted him and, now that he holds it up, comparing the two, he sees the resemblance. "My mother," Lu Han sighs. "She gave me this."

Lu Han shows Minseok the picture - the picture of Minseok dressed from head to toe as a female, including a long black wig.

Minseok's mouth drops open. "You thought I was a woman," Minseok breathes. "I am so sorry. I - are you even interested in men?"

Lu Han laughs at that. "I am. I just never thought my mom paid enough attention to notice. I'm sure she thinks this is hilarious."

"Well you'll have to thank her for me," Minseok says, leaning back in his chair as he brings his coffee to his lips.

"Why?" Lu Han asks, still feeling like he's playing catch-up.

Minseok swallows and holds his cup to his chest. "Because you're very hot."

Lu Han might not be the best when it comes to learning how to date, but this? This he can work with. "Then I don't feel bad admitting that I wanted to hit on you when I first noticed you coming in."

"That sounds promising," Minseok comments. "Does this mean you'll say yes if I invite you to my place for coffee?"

Lu Han peers down at the coffee in his cup that's gone cold and stands up. "Lead the way."

He doesn't feel the least bit nervous when they both throw away their drinks. He reaches over, linking Minseok's fingers with his as they head for Lu Han's car. This is probably the best first date ever. And hopefully his last.

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