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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip II

This fic was brought to you by AOA.

I am also fairly certain this fic is not in chronological order.

“Oh boy! Oh boy! Ko koru wa ka kani!” Yoojung shrieks.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not right. Or Japanese,” Somi says absently, trying to hook her foot into an obstinate foothold. She’s halfway up the climbing wall at their team bonding camp, and she likes to think she’s doing a very good job of it. The other girls are trying to distract her, as always. This is supposed to be for team bonding, but all they seem to be doing is singing and making her fall off the wall.

“Oh boy you know how we do! Eenie meenie minie mo,” Kyulkyung supplies, and then breaks off into giggles as Chungha falls a foot—delicately and somehow also sexily, without injuring herself at all. Sejeong checks, so Somi isn’t worried.

Somi climbs another foot before more bad Japanese distracts her into dropping her handhold. She’s in a harness and completely fearless, so she’s not afraid of falling again. She’s just a little annoyed, even though she adores Yoojung.

“Why didn’t you bring your phone?” Somi asks her, choosing a different handhold and pulling herself further up the wall. There’s a mission card at the top and she wants to get it within five minutes. “At least we could have had the actual song.”

“You know why none of us brought phones,” Nayoung says. “This is a bonding exercise.”

Somi doesn’t whine, because she knows she’ll only be reprimanded for it. She’s the youngest—she barely gets away with not using honorifics for Yoojung, Doyeon and her roommate Sohye (she’s never tried with Mina-unnie). Instead, she just steels her expression and pulls herself up further. She can hear Chungha below her, moving steadily to the right for their other mission card.

“Go to the left a bit, Somi,” Chaeyeon calls up to her, and that’s when Somi realises how far up she’s got.

“Thank you, Chaeyeon-unnie,” she says, being grateful for at least a bit of help. And she can’t see the mission card from here, anyway.

Below, Doyeon launches into the chorus of Heart Attack, and Somi thinks she’s going to get one of those soon. At least the lyrics aren’t as mangled this time.

It’s as she thinks this that she reaches the top and pulls herself up onto the flat wooden surface. From here she can see the world—an expanse of trees with tents and wild animals and nothing to mar the beauty of it all. There are also plenty of zip lines in this camp, including one from the top of the climbing wall to the bottom. She grabs the mission card, hooks her harness to the line, and shoots down it, screaming in glee so loudly she drowns out all the AOA imitations.

In this moment, the endorphins running through her veins make everything worth it.

hi softboys
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