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[team one] Phoenix Pt 2

Sorry this is a bit late, continue from last time.

He can hear the faint breathing of the sleeping man next to him, his lanky figure all curled up uncomfortably in the reclined car seat. Outside, the endless desert horizon is tinged with the first signs of dawn. Inside the car, the air is chilling, fogging up the windows with condensation and blurring up the views.

Chanyeol is clutching onto the oversized denim jacket like a blanket. His grayish bangs sweep neatly right above his closed eyes, dark long lashes giving off an innocent vibe. Soft lips, pale skin, relaxed brows, it's strange to see the usually hyper Phoenix looking so oddly peaceful in his sleep.

It's been a week, and frustratingly, Kris still can't quite figure him out. Chanyeol defies everything he believes in.

Like the first time they stopped at a gas station after escaping from jail. Kris has warned him to stay in the car. But he saw the way an old man with an expensive suit ogled at Chanyeol, and how he reciprocated with an alluring smile. By the time Kris finished paying for gas, the car was empty. He ran into the dark alley behind the gas station, just in time to see the old man half collapsed and shrieking in pain, as the familiar blue light shone eerily through Chanyeol’s fingers that were digging into the old man’s arm.

“Stop! What the fuck are you doing?” Kris yelled.

“Hey, you saw him frigging raping me with his eyes. He asked for it.” Chanyeol rolled his eyes. The old man gave a weak struggle before passing out, presumably out of pain and horror. The flame has burned through his suit sleeve, revealing a charred and bloody arm.

There was a loud thud when Chanyeol loosened his grip and let the old man’s limp body drop to the ground.

“But you can't just hurt people like this!” Instinctively Kris reached for the handgun in his pocket, but for what? self protection? Some sort of vigilante act to punish this freak? The freak that made him a wanted criminal overnight, and yet was the only clue to figuring how who he truly was.

He watched as Chanyeol bended down to hastily search through the suit pockets of the unconscious man, and smiled when he found what he was looking for - a wallet and car keys. “Hey, I let him live, didn't I?! We’ll need to borrow these though, if we want to make it to Colorado.”

Kris looks at the sleeping Chanyeol next to him and sighs again. All the case files on Phoenix make sense now. This kid has absolutely no sense of morality or sympathy, he operates purely on survival instinct, and a need to indulge in fun, no matter how twisted it may be.

Like that night two days ago, after Kris tried and failed to trigger his power for the nth hour, and after they downed the whole motel room mini-bar out of frustration, everything became blurry and dizzy. But Kris remembers this one moment in the night, on the stiff motel twin bed, when Chanyeol’s face was dangerously close to his, and his warm breath hitting his skin and making him shiver. Chanyeol’s voice was a low hiss. “You think you are so righteous, so moral. It must drive you crazy to find out, that you and I,” His long finger caresses Kris’ face, tracing its outline with a long stroke, “we are really not that different.”

Chanyeol’s lips grazed Kris’ mouth lightly, like a free falling feather. When Kris recovered from the shock and pushed him away roughly, Chanyeol laughed out loud and had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

That's when Kris looked down and realized his body was a few inches off the surface of the bed, floating. His mind was instantaneously overwhelmed by fear, and he tumbled back onto the bed.

Kris couldn't tell if it was the shock that made him levitate, or Chanyeol’s touch, the touch of his own kind. He didn't want to know.

Kris is startled when a voice pipes up lazily next to him. “Stop staring at me, you creep.” Chanyeol’s eyes are still closed but his voice is perfectly clear, “if you are thinking about kissing me again…”

“I didn't kiss you! You kissed me!”

A sigh. “Semantics... I thought we'd be beyond that by now.”

A lazy yawn, and full stretch of those impossibly long and gangly limbs. Chanyeol lowers the denim jacket off his body, and passes it back to its owner. The residual warmth of the jacket makes Kris pause momentarily.

Chanyeol smoothes out his bangs and lets the silence fill the dark car interior. Finally he turns to look at Kris, “I could really use some champagne right now. And maybe a latte.”

Kris finds himself baffled and at a loss for words again, which seems to be a frequent occurrence recently.

Chanyeol opens the car door slowly, “Thanks to your rule of no hurting anyone, we are pretty much out of gas and cash again.”

“What now? You wanna walk to frigging Colorado?”

“Sweetheart, it's not like you can fly us there.” Chanyeol rolls his eyes, and steps out of the car. “I hope you are good at hitchhiking.”

As Kris tries to keep his simmering frustration in check and readies himself for the day, Chanyeol’s perpetually cheerful face suddenly pops up again by the car window.

“By the way, I thought of a great alias for you! How about - the Dragon!”

Oh boy.

cairistiona you are it :)
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