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[Team Five] Rollerskates

Sorry for being so late but i'm currently traveling but didn't want to skip D: also posting from my phone so apologies if stuff looks weird

Music coming from the doorway of a club on the other side of the street, a noisy group of salarymen clearly coming from a bar and heading to another and a couple of police officers walking around, making sure nobody got too carried away. It was already way too late for 13-year-olds to be out, let alone hanging out alone in front of train stations. Akira knew it but he had made a promise with Atsuhiro, who was really cool and definitely someone he'd like to be able to call his friend. So he'd keep the promise, even though he was already wondering how he'd explain it to his parents.

When Akira turned to look at the clock behind him he saw a boy moving towards him. The boy in question wasn't walking nor running but rollerskating in a confident manner towards the entrance of the station. He was tall and he hadn't bothered to even try hiding his big ears under his fluffy hair, which made him look funny, but in a somewhat cool way.

The boy made it to the entrance but instead of going in he made a perfectly balanced turn and leaned onto the station wall. Akira, who couldn't help but stare at the cool older boy who seemed to completely control his skates, flinched when the boy suddenly looked straight at him and waved, smiling widely. Akira raised his hand to return the wave but put it down quickly when another boy skated past him towards the first guy, obviously on his way to meet a friend.

At least as tall but with boarder shoulders and sharper facial features was Akira's first impression of the second boy. The second boy's hair was black and carefully styled to remind the hairstyles of foreign actors. He was wearing a cocky expression as compared to the first boy's sincere smile and he was definitely very handsome.

The boys spent the next minute chatting and Akira found himself wishing the duo would never continue their journey and he could just look at them for the rest of his life. What instead happened was that Atsuhiro finally turned up, distracting Akira from the boys long enough for them to disappear into the station. Akira only listened to Atsuhiro's apologies for being late with half an ear, waiting for a chance to ask the question that at the moment felt far more important than Atsuhiro's expalanations.

"Wanna learn to rollerskate?"

You're up next, daestruct!

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