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[Team Four] All in due time (Go-busters, Hiromu/Youko, 1122 words)

Alright, life is really rough for me right now, but I managed to write something! Only kira_shadow wil actually understand this fic, so I hope she finds it cute xD
Fandom: Go-Busters

Pairing: Hiromu/Youko

Rating: PG-13

Summary: An alternate ending to the VS Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters. Youko is left with the possibility of what if after witnessing something her other self does before disappearing.

The smile on the other Youko’s face was nervous yet serene. She knew she was going to disappear but had one last mission to accomplish before that time. So, in front of not only her team, but the “original Go-Busters” she took action. “Since we are going to disappear anyways, one last thing, Hiromu.” Her leader looked a bit exaggeratedly perplexed as she got out of their mirror lineup to face him. Then, in front of everyone, she got on her tiptoes, and kissed him.

The look of surprise on the other Hiromu’s face was intense, but he quickly recovered and kissed her back. Part of the other Youko relaxed when the other Hiromu started to respond. Their team mates grinned at them, Ryuuji-san looked a loss between happy and a bit upset, but seemed to settle on happy. Youko grinned and kept kissing Hiromu. She could feel her body slipping away and wanted her last moments to be feeling this incredible spark. The Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters disappeared in a mass of twinkling lights. The original team remained where they were. A mixture of facial expressions upon their faces.

The first to respond was Jin, who gave his usual laugh before he turned to the group. “Hiromu, Youko-chan have you two been hiding something?” The large grin on his face matched the sparkle in his eyes.

“Senpai!” Ryuuji looked lost between whether to be an overprotective older brother, or a supportive teammate. The buddyroids made awkward noises, particularly Nick who wasn’t sure how to explain what had happened.

Hiromu eventually unfroze himself from his position staring wide eyed with an open mouth to snap his mouth shut and back away from the group. His face was turning bright red. “That wasn’t even me! It was the other Youko who did it anyways! Right?” The more he tried to deny it the more his face matched his uniform. He stared at Youko for help, but found that she was sti frozen, albeit with pinker cheeks.

Seeing that he was left alone Hiromu continued to fend off Jin’s teasing. Ryuuji tried to stop his senpai but was failing. J, as usual, was only concerned about himself for the moment. “They had something going on, but I didn’t know what it was. Hiromu you need to properly handle these things!” Nick had finally recovered his own shock and choose to instead focus upon the horror that would be Hiromu dating anyone.

Back at their own rooms for the night, everyone had calmed down. Ryuuji and Jin had finally let up after discussing the parallel dimensions and their vast differences. Hiromu was more than glad for the distraction. Nick and the rest of the buddyroids were due for maintenance, so they were quiet for the time being. Hiromu went straight for the gym, he was too wired to sleep and his mind was playing tricks on him. He kept seeing himself and Youko kiss, but he didn’t know what it all meant. He felt a warm sensation in his stomach and a hint of arousal that alarmed him far more than he would ever admit.

Youko for her part remained quiet. She retired to her room after a bath. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she had seen. It was the first time she had seen a kiss live, and it was herself from a parallel world kissing a parallel Hiromu. The fact that it was a parallel world was enough to give her a headache, but what bothered her most was that she had never considered that she, in any universe could feel that way about Hiromu. The more she thought about it, the more she thought about him, the more she felt heat rush to her face. When she imagined Hiromu smiling, she felt a twinge in her chest and butterflies in her stomach. Youko tried to shake herself out of those thoughts, but she couldn’t bring herself to.

Finally, she gave up on trying to sleep or concentrate on anything, so she decided to go to the gym, she thought that maybe some exercise would clear her thoughts. When she arrived, the lights were already on. She came in just in time to see Hiromu drenched in sweat throw off his hirst and begin to towel his upper body off. She was drawn to the defined muscles of his abdomen and the dark hue of his skin. She tried to look away, to stop staring as he took a few gulps of his water, his adam’s apple bobbing.

Youko wasn’t sure how long she had been frozen staring at him, it seemed like hours yet only a few minutes had probably passed.
Hiromu eventually looked up and caught her gaze. Finally able to look away, she blushed bright scarlet. Hiromu was blushing as well as he forced his sweaty t-shirt back over his head. They stayed not looking at one another in silence for what seemed like a long time. Finally Hiromu seemed to shake himself out of it, “I-I’m going to go shower” mentally he cursed that he stuttered.

Impulsive by nature Youko grabbed his arm before he left. “Hiromu, I- well, about earlier, you see-” She couldn’t seem to get the words out. Her hand felt like it was on fire where she was touching him. Without thinking or comprehending what she was doing she pulled Hiromu back to her and quickly leaned up and pecked him on the lips. It was over quickly, and she was suddenly frozen. Her face looked more red than Hiromu’s uniform, and he wasn’t much better.

Hiromu after a moment coughed and composed himself. “I’ll think about it.” Was all he said, but he leaned down and kissed Youko on the lips, a bit longer so she managed to kiss him back. He left her after that, caught in a daze and unsure what entirely happened. All she knew was that her body felt like it was exploding and she wanted to feel more sensations like it.

“Think about what?” She whispered, secretly having an idea.  Touching her lips she grinned, she had just gotten her first kiss. Youko wasn’t sure what she and Hiromu would become, or if these feelings were really the beginning of anything, but she did know that she liked the new feelings. With a smile on her face Youko jumped on the treadmill and decided to run a few miles to clear her head. She and Hiromu could figure things out when they were ready.

amaxingbaek it is now your turn!
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