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[team four] maybe not yet

A little snippet from the Namjoon/Jimin fic I should be working on.

Back off. Don't do it.

Namjoon grips the bouquet of flowers in his hand, pausing in his steps. Jimin is laughing at something Jeongguk is saying, his eyes in half moons, something that always happens whenever he's happy about something. Namjoon has made him laugh like that once or twice, which he thinks isn't enough. Jimin deserves to laugh all the time, which Jeongguk seems to do so effortlessly. But Jimin laughing is always a good thing. No matter if it’s by the hands of other people. It means he's happy. Jeongguk making Jimin laugh just means that Jeongguk is making him happy. Not Namjoon.

He looks at the bouquet of flowers in his hand. They're a mix of sunflowers, daisies and peonies. He doesn't know what they all mean, just that they all remind Namjoon of Jimin. He went into the flower shop and just picked flowers he thought were cheerful and beautiful. Just like Jimin. And he knows he should give them to him. He should. After all that's happened, Namjoon owes him flowers at the very least. And maybe an apology. The apology would most likely be more appreciated but the flowers would smoothen it, make it better. But Namjoon isn't sure he should give them now.

You don't know what you want. You never have. Don't do this if you won't stand for it. Don't hurt him. Back off.

Namjoon deserves those words. He's not exactly the poster boy for being a good boyfriend and having the most stellar of relationships. The one time he tried, really tried, his efforts ended up not being enough and he screwed himself and his ex over. And Jimin deserves more than that. He needs a guy who won't just drop him like a penny and leave him drowning in the water. Namjoon really wants to be more for him. But maybe... Maybe Yoongi is right. Maybe he can't do it. He sighs as he looks back up, fingers still tight around the flowers.

Jimin's laughter has softened into a smile.

Hi aleena_mokoia! It's your turn. :)
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