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This was going to be fun, there was no doubt of it. Pinned between Watanabe and Miyadate, Jesse wasn’t sure what he enjoyed more - Watanabe’s enthusiastic kisses, or Miyadate’s wandering hands. Miyadate’s hands were gentle but firm, while Watanabe’s kisses were full of tongue and utterly distracting.

“Nice, you’re loud,” Miyadate murmured. Jesse wasn’t sure whether Miyadate’s voice was lower than usual, or if it was just that he’d never heard Miyadate from quite this up close, close enough that he could feel the heat of Miyadate’s body.

Even though he was only wearing jeans, boxers and a shirt, Jesse felt decidedly overdressed. Miyadate was only wearing jeans, while Watanabe was wearing boxers and nothing else. Jesse had a suspicion he wouldn’t have worn even that much if there wasn’t a risk of encountering staff in the hallway between their dressing rooms.

Evidently Watanabe was thinking about the same thing, because he broke the kiss and drew back far enough to look Jesse over. “Why’re you still wearing that?”

“Because you haven’t taken it off me yet,” Jesse replied. He was rewarded with a smile from Watanabe and a low chuckle from Miyadate that he more felt than heard.

That was more than invitation enough for the snowman pair. Miyadate’s hands dropped down to open Jesse’s jeans, while Watanabe grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Once Jesse’s jeans were open, Miyadate didn’t actually push them down. Instead he slipped a hand into Jesse’s boxers to grope his dick. “Not bad,” Miyadate whistled.

“Bigger than you?” Watanabe asked, licking his lips.

“No,” Miyadate replied as he pulled his hand free and pushed Jesse’s jeans and boxers down to his knees, “but see for yourself.”

Watanabe tilted his head, eyeing Jesse’s dick critically. “I don’t know, he’s pretty big. I would have to compare up close.”

“Be my guest,” Jesse invited, kicking off his jeans. As far as he was concerned, Watanabe could get as close to his dick as he wanted, especially if he measured it with his mouth.

Watanabe dropped to his knees and leaned in to lick at the tip of Jesse’s dick, while Miyadate wrapped his hand around the base. Watanabe soon stopped playing around and took Jesse’s dick into his mouth properly, slowly taking in more and more until his lips touched Miyadate’s fingers. With his lips stretched around Jesse’s big dick, Watanabe looked amazingly pretty.

“If you tell him how good he looks, he’ll let you pull his hair,” Miyadate informed Jesse, pressing close against his back.

With Miyadate pressed so closely against his ass, Jesse suddenly realized that Miyadate might have been telling the truth when he claimed to have the bigger dick. “Damn.” The word escaped without input from his brain, but luckily Jesse was reasonable good at improvisation. He dug his fingers into Watanabe’s soft, curly hair and proceeded to tell him exactly how good he looked, how pretty his high cheekbones, how sexy his lips and how appealing his little freckles were.

It was quite a few minutes later that Watanabe drew back. “Are you taking notes, Ryota?”

“I need no flashcards to remember that my boyfriend is the prettiest,” Miyadate replied.

“Hey, didn’t you want to compare dicks?” Jesse interrupted. That conversation felt distinctly private, which made Jesse just a tiny bit uncomfortable since his dick was right in front of Watanabe’s face and all that.

“Ah, I did, I did,” Watanabe agreed. “Come on, drop it,” he told Miyadate, who chuckled and obeyed.

With Miyadate’s jeans out of the way, Watanabe took a hold of Jesse’s and Miyadate’s dicks and stroked them slowly. He flicked his tongue teasingly over the head of Miyadate’s dick, licked a slow stripe up the underside of Jesse’s dick, trailed his tongue around the tip of Miyadate’s dick, teasing both of them until Miyadate growled and yanked his hair. “Get on with it, you.”

Looking smug, Watanabe sucked about half of Jesse’s considerable length into his mouth in one go. He bobbed his head, drawing a long moan from Jesse, then let Jesse’s dick slip out of his mouth with a wet pop. Taking Miyadate’s dick in next, Watanabe worked it over with his tongue while keeping his bobs shallow - he knew Miyadate liked it deep, but he wasn’t about to give him what he wanted just yet. When he switched back to Jesse, he swirled his tongue around the tip, then kissed his way down the shaft. He sucked Jesse’s balls into his mouth, rolling them with his tongue.

Jesse cursed. Watanabe really knew what he was doing - he’d gotten quite a few blowjobs during his time as a junior, but this was on a whole other level. “Damn, how’d you get this good?!”

Since Watanabe’s mouth was full with Miyadate’s dick, Miyadate answered in his stead. “Long, hard practice,” Miyadate said, then yelped because Watanabe had pinched his thigh.

“Don’t steal my terrible puns,” Watanabe admonished between cocks.

Whatever Jesse had wanted to say to that exchange was lost when Watanabe swallowed all of his dick, taking it easily down his throat. Jesse moaned wordlessly, lost in the pleasure, and that was even before Watanabe started humming. The vibration was too much for Jesse and he came hard, his come shooting down Watanabe’s throat. His legs lost all their strength, and if Miyadate hadn’t wrapped an arm around his hips to steady him, Jesse might well have pitched over.

When Jesse could pry his eyes back open, Watanabe was wiping his mouth and looking smug. Miyadate was stroking himself and at some unseen signal, Watanabe tilted his head up to receive Miyadate’s come right on his face.

“Snowman are really on another level,” Jesse groaned. Shaking his head to clear it a bit, he raised an eyebrow at Watanabe’s hard dick. “You need any help down there?”

Watanabe grinned in reply as he wrapped his slender fingers around his dick and stroked himself slowly. “Nope, I’ve got it. But if you want to help, you could kiss my boyfriend.”

That he could certainly do. Jesse turned to Miyadate. “Do you wa-” but Miyadate grabbed the back of his head and yanked him into a kiss before he could finish the sentence. Miyadate was a good kisser, much different from Watanabe but no less skilled, decisive but not aggressive. Jesse’s head swam, and that was only in part from the lack of air.

The kiss didn’t break until an especially loud moan from Watanabe announced that he was nearing his limit. Miyadate turned his head to watch the finish and Jesse made sure to see all of it too. Watanabe was certainly worth watching, on his knees, with his long fingers pumping his dick and his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Your turn, mousapelli
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