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[team sonic] arrows

Shadowhunter/The Mortal Instruments AUish?.
First words from Object A.
Jung Taekwoon (VIXX's Leo) is kind of Alexander Lightwood, Jung Soojung (f(x)'s Krystal) is kind of Isabelle Lightwood and Jackson Wang is kind of Jace Wayland. (but no romance).

"Yes, yes," Taekwoon murmurs, more on autopilot than anything as his younger sister continues rambling. Taekwoon tuned her out minutes ago, too busy running the glowing tip of his stele up the shaft of his arrows, strengthening them, making them even more accurate, increasng the aguarantee of hitting their targets. He has done five in the time span of his sister's rant. If he were by himself he could have done at least twenty. She's a distraction and no matter how much Taekwoon loves her, she's taking precious time off his hands. They're already short on time, they can't afford distractions.

Taekwoon drops his stele when the arrow is rudely pulled out of his hands. Sighing he looks up at Soojung who looks angrier than she had been seconds ago. If looks could kill, Taekwoon would be dead, and Soojong, despite her lithe form looks dangerous. Taekwoon's arrow is inches away from his face, Soojung brandishing it like a sword. Any other guy would probably laugh at her because Soojung with her 16 years, long black hair and soft gray hoodie does not look even a little bit terrifying, but Taekwoon knows her. Knows how she can break a neck as if it was a toothpick. He has seen her do it several times.

"I'm sorry," Taekwoon amends, voice soft as he leans forward to curl his long fingers around Soojung's small wrist. For a moment they both look at each other. Soojung's gaze softens, a soft sigh escaping her as she hands Taekwoon his arrow.

"Thank you," he says. Soojung sighs again, sits down on the armrest of the sofa Taekwoon is sitting on. "Now, what were you saying?"

"I said that it annoys the shit out of me that we're stuck here, waiting for the Clave to approve of the mission while Jackson is out there, hunting. We're not kids!"

"Well," Taekwoon begins. Soojung glares at him. "I'm an adult. You and Jackson are still kids."

Soojung narrows her eyes.

"Yet," Taekwoon amends, which is the truth and he will not be bending it further just to please Soojung. Soojung inflates a bit but her gaze tells him that she knows he's right. "Besides, Jackson went out without the Clave's consent and will be punished when he returns."

"I want to go out and kick some demon ass," Soojung complains loudly, whines as she topples over, the hood of her sweater falling over her dark hair. Taekwoon chuckles quietly.

"We're not going out to hunt, Soojung. We're going out to retrieve Jackson. I didn't apply for a hunting mission i applied for a rescuing mission. They'd never let us go after a group of demons anyway. One maybe, but this is too dangerous," Taekwoon says diplomatically. The only reply he gets from Soojung is a soft huff. Taekwoon returns to his arrows.

Taekwoon had been mad, actually, quite upset when the news of Jackson sneaking out of the Institute reached him. Well, they hadn't exactly reached him, Heechul had walked by, their mentor and trainer who looked like a six year old could take him out. It had barely been past 6 am and Taekwoon had been in the trining room to blow off some steam when Heechul had walked in, doning sweatpants and a silk bomber jacket - Taekwoon had stopped questioning his fashion sense years ago - nursing a cup of coffee. Taekwoon swears there had been a little pleased grin on his face when he had told him that he had seen Jackson sneak out hours earlier.

While their parents were in Idris it was Taekwoon's job to take care of Soojung and Jackson, as well as aid Heechul in looking after the Institute. A job he had failed. So if their parents weren't going to kill Jackson, Taekwoon definitely would.

Just as Taekwoon slots another arrow into his quiver, a parchment note appears in his hands. Finally. He opens the fire message and skims quickly through the neat handwriting. The text is short and simple, stamped with the Clave's logo and the signature of the inquisitor.

"Gear up Soojung, we got the permission to find Jackson," Taekwoon says, curling the paper in his hands. However when silence continues to be the dominant sound in the room, Taekwoon turns to see that Soojung is no longer lying sprawled on the sofa next to him. In fact, she's nowhere to be seen.

"Great," Taekwoon groans, pulling the quiver up from the floor, pulling the strap over his shoulder. "Jung Soojung you'll be in so much trouble when I find you."

Taekwoon retrieves his bow from the weapon room as well as a seraph blade before he heads out, ignoring the shit eating grin Heechul sends his way.

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