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[team three] Small Outlets

Not sure why this turned out as Gundam Wing, but it did. Continuation from the last time I wrote GW. In an attempt to avoid Relena locating Duo and Heero at their new school, Duo enrolls as a female student. I... don't know. mm.

“I was afraid you’d say that.”

They've only been at this school for a week or so now, but with Duo disguised as a female student, he's been getting a lot more attention from the male student population that either of them had anticipated. As far as hiding from Relena went, they're doing well, but they were having difficulties operating without being noticed.

"If we continue from here under the pretense that we are dating, it won't raise any flags should we be seen together and will justify such instances up until this point," Heero says in his usual monotone.

Duo side eyes Heero with a sigh. He doesn't hope that the perfect soldier will ever notice Duo's little crush, nor does he even bother to dream his feelings might someday be reciprocated, but he does feel a bit irritated about this little situation, especially since he didn't want to be here on this mission as a girl in the first place.

Their new strategy goes into effect the next morning at breakfast. When Duo arrives and instead of going to sit with some of the girls from their class, he makes his way towards Heero, already sitting at the corner table. He can feel all the eyes on him, including Heero's as he puts his tray down and scooches his chair closer to the 01 pilot.

Then getting an idea, he breaks off a piece of his danish and holds it up for Heero to eat. He calmly holds his hand steady even though he's pretty sure Heero is trying to figure out how to kill him without all those curious eyes noticing. Duo smiles sweetly. "Hee-chan, shall I remind you who suggested we start dating?"

The look in Heero's eyes is priceless and it takes everything for Duo to keep himself from cracking up. Okay, Duo concedes. There's a small chance that this is going to be fun.

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