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[Team Three] The Bodyguard Who Fell In Love

Title inspired by ABC-Z's "Koi ni ochita Bodyguard"

The fic is based on things that happened during this year's Kabuki but you don't really have to know about them to understand the fic.

Been a while since I wrote Snow Man.

Shoes appeared in Sakuma’s line of sight first, as he had been down on the floor stretching. They were in the middle of rehearsals for Takizawa Kabuki and with each passing day, the opening weekend grew closer. Despite the multitude of changes - it was basically a new show this year - Snow Man didn’t seem to have many issues and Takizawa, as well as the staff, focused on the flock of Juniors who was joining the troupe for the first time.

“Hi there, Hikaru. What’s up?” Sakuma looked up at his group mate. He’d known from the shoes who it was. Besides, Abe and Watanabe had gone off to practice their respective parts for the second act together, Miyadate was practicing the drums and gong and Fukazawa was with the makeup and costuming staff to discuss details about his role and get measured.

Usually Sakuma would be watching Miyake Ken’s rehearsals but the other had a different job to go to before joining the day’s rehearsals. So here he was, in a quiet corner of the rehearsal space, obscured by racks of jackets and costumes, bags, shoes and props. He didn’t want to be in the way on the actual rehearsal space, so this was ideal.

“I thought I’d come and practice with you.” Iwamoto was down on the floor in a swift movement, crouching between Sakuma’s spread legs. His voice was deeper - in ‘butai mode’ - when he leaned in to murmur into Sakuma’s ear. “It’s my duty to protect you after all, my lord. From any evildoers like that dreadful Nezumi Kozo. And I will not let certain other members of the police force beat me to it this time, oh no.”

Sakuma swallowed hard and his body shivered when Iwamoto’s breath ghosted over his bare skin. “Should I be scared of you, mister police officer? I am scared of so many things.”

“Maybe you should be. But only if you have good reasons to.” Iwamoto pulled back and looked into Sakuma’s eyes. “Do you have any reason to be afraid, Kinnosuke-sama?”

Wrapping his arms around the taller male, Sakuma shook his head. “No. I don’t.” He ran his fingers through Iwamoto’s hair. “You’re really going to protect me, Kuroji? Or are you actually someone with evil thoughts as well, who wants to take advantage of pathetic little me?”

That drew a snort from Iwamoto. “Uh huh.”

“Uh h-” Sakuma was cut off by Iwamoto’s lips on his own. Smiling into the kiss, he returned it enthusiastically. His fingers massaged the taller male’s scalp - a habit. Iwamoto liked it.

They shared a couple of kisses that grew more urgent by the minute. When their lips met for the third or fourth time, Sakuma could feel Iwamoto’s hands under his shirt, caressing his skin, tracing his abs. He shivered as goosebumps rose on his skin.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The question made them pull away from each other. Slowly. The owner of the voice was someone who didn’t require them to take immediate action.

Craning his neck, Sakuma waved at Miyadate over Iwamoto’s shoulder and grinned. “He’s taking his role as my bodyguard very seriously. And technically speaking, he is doing it because you told him to, oh honorable Shinnosuke-sama.”

“I can see that he’s guarding your body alright,” Miyadate rolled his eyes, “Take off your shirts, we have taiko practice next. Tackey expects us to whip the Juniors in shape for it.”

“Leave the whipping to me.”

“I was afraid you’d say that.”

You're up, talisa_ahn
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