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[Team 3] Keeping it Fresh

Hi team 3! We didn't have too much change, but in case you have a new neighbor, here's our new posting order:


I'll poke you guys on twitter or wherever when it's your turn, but feel free to poke each other too. Feel free to drop me a line here or over twitter or line if you need anything!

without further ado here is some smooshy Miyadate/Nabesho.

"When you're all decisive like that, it's totally hot," Watanabe purred right in Miyadate's ear, making him jump half a meter and crinkle the script he had been practicing from.

"Shota!" Miyadate snapped, clutching his chest. He tried to shrug Watanabe's slight weight off his shoulders, but Watanabe clung like a leech. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Surprises are what keep our relationship fresh."

"You febreezing every surface in this room twice a day is the only thing keeping anything fresh around here," Miyadate grumbled, but he tilted his head to let Watanabe nose at his neck. "Yesterday Sakuma said you sprayed him while he was napping!"

"He smelled!" Watanabe tried to protest, but he was laughing already. He sniffed Miyadate's neck more showily, making Miyadate twitch from the tickle of it. "Mmmm, but Date-sama always smells nice~."

"I smell just as bad as Sakuma, you just like it better," Miyadate pointed out. He reached behind him with one hand to stroke at Watanabe's waist and finding bare skin just above his underwear, as usual. "It's cause it makes you think about getting me sweaty yourself, right?"

"Oh my," Watanabe encouraged, sliding his arms around Miyadate's waist and cuddling closer. "How you do go on. Don't stop on my account."

Miyadate snorted. "You'd rather I just talk about it? Loosen your grip a little and maybe I'll do something about it instead."

"Nope!" Watanabe's refusal made Miyadate blink. "Just talking's nice for a change. Tell me about later. But what you think about, not what you think I want to hear."

"Shota, come on," Miyadate protested, wriggling a little to try and loosen Watanabe's grip, but no dice. "It's embarrassing."

"Shh, it's just me." Watanabe pressed a gentle kiss to Miyadate's neck, just above where his T-shirt collar covered. "Tell me?"

"I…it's silly," Miyadate hedged. Watanabe just hummed a little and kissed another patch of skin close to the first one. "I've been thinking about after. It's the rain, I guess, makes me want to curl up tight with you so you're warm and boneless and safe while the rain hits the glass. I wanna do all the parts where you get me sweaty, too. Maybe a couple times. So long as after I get to take care of you."

When Miyadate stopped talking, for a moment it was quiet except for the sound of both of them breathing.

"Ryotaaa," Watanabe said, quiet and low and sweet. "That was way hotter than you talking about sex. You wanna do all that with me?"

"Who else, idiot?" Miyadate asked, cheeks turning pink. "So it's your turn now, right?"

Next up is doctoggy!
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