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[team one] distractions and promises

More leader OT3! I'm really liking this AU. This one isn't really finished but I figured my time is up and it's fine like this.

“Later.” Hakyeon cuts Namjoon off with a gentle shove and a smile. “You can show me much you love me later, yeah? Right now we need to work.”

Namjoon, who had been nibbling at the other's neck, makes a disappointed face, but stops and pulls his arms away from his boyfriend's waist. Despite his wish to just have some alone time with Hakyeon this early morning, they do have work to do, so he sighs and looks out the window to the camp.

They've had a recent influx in inhabitants, many of them injured, and they need to make sure everyone's vaccinated against the virus before they can be allowed to settle for real. Before anything else, they need to protect their people from illness so they won't turn. It took a few years after the breakout for the system to be built, but the two of them and Junmyeon worked hard to make a safe zone, and their people trust them now.

“I'll check on the new guys,” he says, pecking the corner of Hakyeon's mouth. “You should wake Junmyeon. And you two are not getting away from me tonight.”

Hakyeon just laughs, running a hand down the younger's arm. “Wouldn't want to,” he replies. “Go now. Tell Jaehwan to get the vaccines ready. Love you.”

When Namjoon has left, Hakyeon goes back to their bedroom, crawling into bed on top of a sleeping Junmyeon. “Babe,” he whispers, pressing kisses down his throat. “Wake up.”

Groaning under his weight, Junmyeon slowly opens his eyes and automatically buries one hand into the other's hair. “This is a nice wake-up call,” he mumbles, smiling sleepily, and pulls Hakyeon down for a kiss. Hakyeon leans into the kiss, then chuckles against his lips and pulls away.

“I promised Namjoon we'll have fun tonight if he could keep his hands off today, since we have to work. That counts for you too, buddy,” he tells Junmyeon, brushing his fingers through his hair and kissing him gently one more time. “Come on, time to get up.”

“Aw,” Junmyeon pouts, fingers curling around Hakyeon’s neck. “But I want to stay here with you.”

He’s not the only one who wants to stay in bed; they all had a long night as the new people arrived and Hakyeon would like nothing more than to sleep for another ten hours in bed with his two favorite people. Unfortunately, they have responsibilities. “You’re almost worse than Namjoon,” he complains and flicks Junmyeon’s forehead. The younger’s face scrunches up. “You need to have sessions with the new settlers. Get up now.”

“Fine,” Junmyeon groans. He shoves Hakyeon off his body, sitting up and stretching his arms with a loud yawn. “See you later, then. Don’t laze around here.”

The day passes too slowly for all of them, the work tiresome, but with the promise of being together in the evening they do what they have to.

And as always on days like these, it pays off.

Welcome to the game, amlika! Good luck!

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