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[team sonic] couldn’t resist

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couldn’t resist
First words from Squeaky Clean.
Title from System by Motel Raphaël

[Mino/Seulgi; G; 955 words]

Cupcakes, the paper says. That's all that's written in a loose scrawl across the white surface, crumples casting shadows even as Mino tries to smooth it flat again. He doesn't know what it's supposed to mean. Is he supposed to make cupcakes? Is he supposed to go out and buy cupcakes? He slips the phone out of his pocket and tries sending her a message, but the little yellow 1 refuses to appear and he finally puts the phone away again.

Dammit, Seulgi, he thinks eyes flickering over to the sky outside, the grey clouds and the raindrops pattering against the window. I dont' know how to bake cupcakes.

He calls Taehyun, not that Taehyun is really that much better at cooking but the last time they got together to make pizza, Taehyun made the cheese and honey one while Mino had stuck to classic tomato. That makes Taehyun better at sweet things, right?

"Why are you asking me?" Taehyun says, yawning. Mino's probably woken him up. He glances at the clock, 10:00. Whatever.

"I don't know who to ask," he says, and frowns at the paper again. What is it supposed to mean?

"Why does she want you to make cupcakes anyway?" Taehyun mumbles, not really expecting an answer. Mino can hear tapping; Taehyun is probably scrolling through Naver results or something.

"Okay," Taehyun mumbles a moment later, and there's a whoosh as a message pops onto MIno's screen. "I linked you some recipes but I don't know why you didn't just look yourself."

"Thanks," Mino says, choosing to ignore Taehyun's too-early-to-wake-up-on-a-Saturday-morning grumbles, and sends the first recipe to the printer.

It smells sweet when Seulgi taps out the code to the front door, and at first she glances down at the box in her arms, brow furrowed at the thought that she's somehow crushed the cupcakes tucked under her arm, but the cardboard is undamaged and she realizes the smell is coming from the apartment.

"Mino?" she calls, brow furrowed, nose crinkled. It doesn't smell burned, not that she's expecting it to but she just—she was in a rush, leaving the house, forgot her note, and ended up forgetting to pick up the cupcakes until she happened to see a bakery on the way home.

Seulgi sets the box down on the table, brushing her hair out of her eyes with an absent hand. I need to get a haircut. Her forehead is slightly damp, hair wet from the rain and her lack of umbrella, and her stomach rumbles.

Everything's forgotten though, as she rounds the corner into the kitchen and sees Mino leaning over the oven, pulling a pan of cupcakes out of the oven. There's a thumbprint in the corner cupcake, but they smell heavenly as he sets them on a cooling rack, concentrating so hard that he doesn't see her in the doorway.

"You made cupcakes," Seulgi says, and her voice sounds strange, even to her, as Mino looks up, startled, and almost drops the cupcake pan onto the ground, only saving it by grabbing the hot metal with his bare hands. He hisses as his skin makes contact with the pan, and sets it down abruptly in a tumblr of hands.

"Ouch," he winces, staring at the blister rising on his skin.

"I'm sorry," Seulgi exclaims, hand rising to her mouth even as she's pushing him over to the sink, turning on the cold water to run over the burn.

Mino bites his lip but shakes his head. "It's okay," he says, and turns to grin at her. "I think they turned out okay anyway."

Seulgi turns the water off absently, and steps over to rummage in the cupboard for the burn cream.

"I didn't know you could bake," she says, locating the tube at the bottom of the bin.

"I didn't either," Mino laughs, and reaches for the cream. "I called Taehyun and he was grumpy because I woke him up."

"Taehyun can bake?" Seulgi asks, quirking an eyebrow as she reaches over to start taking the cupcakes out of the pan. The paper crinkles beneath her fingers, and they smell so good.

"He just sent me links," Mino says, shrugging in the direction of a water-spotted sheet of paper as he smooths cream over the blister on his hand.

"Well they look really good," Seulgi says, putting the empty pan to soak in the sink. "Why did you decide to make them anyway?"

Mino just stares at her for a moment before he waves at the table. There, lying on the wood, is her forgotten note.

"That's where it was!" Seulgi says, fingers reaching down for it before she thinks to glance toward Mino, tucking the burn cream away in the box. "I'm sorry," she says, "I didn't think you would see it and think you had to make some."

Mino shrugs, grinning. "I messages you but you didn't answer, so I figured I'd try." His smile widens. "It was fun." He has a dusting of flour on one cheek and Seulgi reaches over to brush it off his skin.

"Thanks," she says, leaning over to press a soft kiss to his cheek. "You're adorable."

Mino sticks out his tongue. "You can make lunch," he says, "I have a date with the couch." He unties the apron strings from around his waist and slings it over the back of a kitchen chair.

"Okay," Seulgi laughs. "I guess you deserve it after your surprise baking session." Mino grins, waving as he disappears into the living room. "But you're making supper!" she calls after him, and waits to hear him grumble. She isn't disappointed, smiling to herself as she pulls her hair back and measures out rice.

[last line]She isn't disappointed, smiling to herself as she pulls her hair back and measures out rice.
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