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[mod post] new additions and line-up inserts!

Hello everyone! I'll apologize for the brevity of this message in advance because I'm poking at my iPhone at a coffee shop before work but I wanted to get this out without further delay, since we're doing line up inserts.

We're welcoming a happy total of 6 new shiritori-ers! Please welcome amlika, fairyminseok, amaxingbaek, chuyeol, daestruct, onyu and doctoggy welcome back! I'll get your user tags set up as soon as I get home, but please note that the first time you post, lj won't let you use your tag so just tag mousapelli or myself and we'll add it.

If you haven't yet, please do consult the shiritori guidelines, and if you have any questions, please tap your team captain or one of us.

Team captains cairistiona, faded_lace, mousapelli, bluedreaming, troubleseason, can I impose upon you to either post a new line up tagged order notice for your team or tap them yourself? Contact information for new members should be available on the latest sign up post (in the comments) and let one of us know if you have any difficulties.

[revised team lists]

Again, let us know if there are any difficulties and I'll update the sidebar when I can! Happy writing!

Update: tags added as well as a new fandom tag: fandom: GOT7
Tags: !posting order
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