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[team three] Studying

I'm back! And on Team Three! :D

"You need to stop shouting in my ear," Kitayama says flatly, giving Nikaido the side eye. They're watching the video footage taken during tonight's concert, but with completely different intentions. Kitayama taps his notebook where he's been making notes of what's working and what he'd like to talk to different members of staff about tomorrow before the next show.

Nikaido on the other hand is watching just so that he can enjoy seeing Kisumai perform.

From the looks of it, he's not at all sorry about it either. "But we look so cool! How can you just watch?!"

Kitayama shakes his head. It's already after midnight and he can't even stay irritated when the fanboy in Nikaido shines through. "Fine," he chuckles, unpausing the video. "But I am trying to make us look even better so if you could at least face the TV and not me when you yell? I'd like it if I weren't deaf in one ear when Yokoo barges in, demanding to know what's going on in here."

orangegreenlove, you're up!
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