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[Team Three] Back In Time

This is the prologue to something longer. I hope to work on it regularly but I cannot make any promises because RL is quite busy *dodges flying things*

For you, senpai! mousapelli

That really did look better on him.

Utsusemimaru sighed and looked away from his reflection in the mirror. The yukata felt so familiar and comforting and did not look off at all. It gave him a sense of familiarity and security. And yet there was that nagging feeling somewhere inside of him that told him how inept he was at adjusting to the times he was living in now.

The clothes he wore on a regular basis were the ones Amy had picked for him and most of the things he did were things that the others had introduced him to or explained to him. Only very few were ones which he had discovered himself.

“I have so much more to work on,” the samurai sighed softly and made his way back over to the other room, where he was greeted by his four fellow male team members and a small scale chaos - or large. Depending on how you looked at it really.

Summer had been mostly peaceful so far. Maybe the Deboss Legion didn’t like the heat and humidity either. So seizing that opportunity, the Kyoryugers had decided to go to a festival together and watch the fireworks afterwards. Of course everyone had insisted on doing this properly, which meant that all of them were going to wear yukata.

Souji was dressed in his properly and was currently in the process of helping Ian, who looked a little clueless and yet amused at the whole situation. It was obvious that he was purposely making Souji’s life hard right now by being unhelpful and letting the younger man do all the work. The garment was hanging off one of his shoulders, giving Ian a bit of a sultry and seductive look. Which might explain the slight red colouring on Souji’s cheeks.

Nobuharu looked like he was wearing a hotel yukata at an onsen resort. It looked more like a bathrobe on him than clothes you could wear outside.

And Daigo, Daigo was standing in the room in his briefs and was looking at a couple of different yukata, laid it on the tatami floor in front of him with his arms crossed and a thoughtful expression on his face.

Utsusemimaru sighed and decided to start somewhere. So he did with the biggest problem - distraction - standing closest to him. “King-dono, what’s the matter?”

Turning around, Daigo looked Utsusemimaru over. “Woah, Ucchi! You look great in that!” He grinned. “A true brave samurai.”

“Why thank you, King-dono.” The other’s words made Utsusemimaru fidget a bit but he reigned himself in again soon. “As I was saying, what is it you are thinking about? Any problems?”

“Well, you just solved one.” Daigo picked up a yukata. “The other is, I have no idea what to do with this. I travelled overseas a lot and learned how to put on clothes from many different places but I just realized that I have no idea how to wear this or put this on. Do you think it’ll even look good on me?”

“Be brave and try it on, to put it in your own words, great leader.” Ian commented from the side. At this point the sleeves or his yukata had fallen off his shoulders completely and he stood in the room topless. Souji looked ready to give up.

“Very well.” Utsusemimaru took the yukata from Daigo. “Let me teach you, King-dono.”

“That would be most awesome of you!” Daigo smiled brightly. “Please do teach me!”

Helping his friends for once, instead of the other way around, visibly brightened Utsusemimaru’s mood again. He remained in high spirits for most of the evening but then his smile disappeared from his lips once more as the Deboss Legion chose their festival to launch an attack on.

“Where are you, Utsusemimaru? Come out. If you make me wait longer I’ll get even more angry than I already am!” Dogold hollered over people’s panicked screams.

“Wait no more, for I am here to defeat you.” Utsusemimaru stepped forward.

The other five were engaged in combat with another DeboMonster by the sound of it and Utsusemimaru could hear the familiar Samba tune as his friends transformed. He set to do the same and then crossed swords with Dogold.

In the middle of the fight, Chaos suddenly appeared in front of them and with a touch of the Deboss Legion Commander’s hand, Dogold, the other five Kyoryugers and the DeboMonster they had been fighting vanished into a swirl of bright colours, leaving Utsusemimaru alone in the darkness among the destroyed booths of the summer festival.

Dissolving his transformation he headed back to the Spirit Base.

“What happened? Where are King-dono and the others?” He asked Torin.

“Daigo and the others were thrown into the past.” Torin hummed. “The wormhole was created by Dogold, who utilized his own connection to the past as well as yours, Utsusemimaru. The Deboss seem to be trying to win their battles by manipulating time, which is a worrying development.” Torin stroked his beard. “Luckily we called in some help. Come with me.”

Torin took him to a traditional Japanese mansion. It was a lot larger than the Rippukan Family’s home and dojo. It felt nostalgic to Utsusemimaru. His Lord had once resided in a similar place.

The sound of drums signalled the arrival of their host. Several servants, dressed all in black Kurofuku get-up, pulled up a banner displaying a family crest. Utsusemimaru blinked. It looked familiar. He had definitely seen this crest back in his time.

“The 19th Head of the Shiba Family, Shiba Takeru!” A voice announced and a young male stepped out. He was wearing casual clothes, red faded jeans and a black t-shirt with a swirl on it that looked like flames. A red scarf completed the outfit.

Utsusemimaru’s eyes widened in recognition. “The Shiba Family! That means you must be descendants of the honorable Yukiyasu-dono!” He executed a deep and polite bow. “It is a great honour to meet you, Takeru-dono.”

“Please raise your head.” Takeru shook his head. “There is no need for such formalities. As warriors of justice we all stand on common ground.”

He looked at Torin and acknowledged him with a nod. “Well, let’s go inside and discuss matters there further. I heard there was something you needed assistance with and my clan might be able to provide the help you need.”

To be continued...?

I believe it's your turn then talisa_ahn? (needs to be added into the team list)
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