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[Team Sonic] Sparkly Little Drinks

Drunk kissing is going on here. Starting words from here.

“Wonderful world~” Hagiya sang, a bit off-tune and probably a bit too loud given how close he was too Yasui’s ear. Yasui wasn’t about to complain though. For one thing, Hagiya was very hands on when drunk, and for another, the situation was entirely Yasui’s fault. Sanada prudently refused to let Hagiya have even a drop of his sake, but Yasui was a lot more relaxed about sharing his sparkly little drinks.

Yasui’s couch was big, big enough that Sanada wasn’t sure how Yasui had fit it through the door, and certainly more than big enough for Hagiya to climb into Yasui’s lap without falling off, despite some coordination issues. It was a bit unusual to have someone sit in Yasui’s lap instead of the other way around, but not entirely unheard of. Hagiya was a messy kisser when drunk, it turned out, all wandering hands and flashes of tongue and giggles.

Hagiya nearly did fall off the couch when he tried to clamber into Sanada’s lap next, ending up sprawled halfway across Sanada instead. Then he turned over onto his back to grin up at Sanada without paying much attention to where his hands went. “Oh, hey,” Hagiya burbled happily, vaguely patting Sanada’s hip and crotch. “Heyyy, can I kissss you?”

Sanada opened his mouth to refuse, but Yasui spoke up first. “Don’t be a grouch, Sanajiiii,” Yasui giggled. He wasn’t nearly as drunk as Hagiya, but he was inclined to giggle even when sober, which Sanada might have found annoying if Yasui wasn’t so damn cute.

“I’m not drunk enough for this,” Sanada sighed, but he didn’t pull away when Hagiya sat up enough to kiss him. Hagiya’s first attempt went astray, lips brushing over Sanada’s cheek, but after a moment of confusion Hagiya did get it right, soft, wet lips pressing eagerly against Sanada’s.

“Damn, I knew you’d be hot together,” Yasui commented as he nudged Hagiya more into Sanada’s lap.

Sanada narrowed his eyes at Yasui. “Group or not, I’m not fucking a drunk 19-year-old for your voyeuristic pleasure.”

“Yeah, but,” Hagiya said, swaying in place, “what if I fuck you instead?”

“You aren’t in any condition to fuck anyone,” Sanada replied, and if a flash of heat went through him at the offer, well, it wasn’t like anyone had to know.

Trying to move a bit too fast, Hagiya fell over again, this time ending up half in Yasui’s lap. “Cooould,” he insisted, hands pawing at Yasui’s stomach. “I totally could!”

Yasui petted Hagiya’s hair, whose eyes fluttered closed at the touch. A minute later, Hagiya started to snore. “He’s so cute,” Yasui whispered to Sanada. “Pick him up and carry him to my bed.” When Sanada looked vaguely scandalized, Yasui rolled his eyes. “I can’t lift him and he’ll be more comfortable sleeping it off there,” he explained.
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