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[team five] The Void

I'm late!! But here :D

This was taken from this prompt because I've developed an obsession with them. Music is Est-ce que tu m'aimes - Pilule Bleue by Maitre Gims.

This is how all stories begin. With words. Words that then keep going and become things. Like people.

People like Park Jimin. Park Jimin is a person in the way that humans are homo sapiens sapiens and omnivorous and create things like atom bombs instead of solving the real problems.

The real problems which are not supposed to be solved, that’s nature.

Taehyung is lying on the ground. He isn’t tired. He’s waiting, trapped between the reality where time doesn’t exist and his human brain telling him that Jimin is late. Does it really matter? Taehyung is still going to be here when Jimin gets here, so he doesn’t really care. Time isn’t real anyway.

The sun goes away and the stars say hello instead. This is their first date.

First dates are one of two kinds. The first one is when people are shy and ask to hold hands and ask awkward questions. There is a lot of giggling.

The other one is where there usually isn’t a second date and the two human people have sex and then never talk to each other again. It’s kind of like masturbating in a hotel room but with another person to join the party and you feel more guilt afterwards. You also don’t tip the hotel person because most of the time, the second first date set up happens at an apartment or a public bathroom and Taehyung never understands why arson is never the follow up protocol.

Whatever, humans have weird rational for not destroying things when it’s practically their biological coding to just fuck things up ‘just because’.

Humans are basically the epitome of the teenage life form screaming ”I DO WHAT I FUCKING WANT!” at Earth, the universe, whatever it is that’s the parental figure.


“Hey.” Jimin is here. He’s destroyed his hair follicles again by bleaching them of color only to put more color on them that isn’t natural. Nothing about humans is natural. They’re hairless and douse themselves in cleaning chemicals daily to smell less like humans.

“Hey,” says Taehyung, and lets Jimin pull him up.

“So,” says Jimin, his hands in his pockets. So they’re gonna have the first kind of first date. Taehyung likes that, he didn’t want to commit arson tonight by protocol. “What are we doing?”

“Stuff,” Taehyung says, and looks out over the city scape. They’re on the top of a building. It’s 47 stories high, humanities attempt to get as close to the stars as they fucking can to ignore the fact that they came from the earth and can and will die. “But firstly screaming.”

“Screaming?” Jimin asks. He’s wearing a dead cow, draped around his shoulders, dyed black and cut into a fashionable article of clothing called a jacket. It looks good on him. Taehyung will bite him later in appreciation.

“Into the void,” Taehyung explains, and nods his chin towards the blackness all around them, the dark matter that they can’t see because they only have three color cones in their eyes. Lame.

“Oh,” says Jimin. “Cool.”

“Yep,” Taehyung agrees and reaches out to take Jimin’s hand. Romantics. The chemical reaction in his brain telling him ‘the sex will be good with this one excellent choice’. “Ready?”

Taehyung screams first, Jimin following him as they look into the void around them and empty their lungs by making their vocal chords vibrate in a high frequency as sound erupts from them and displaces the other sound around them.

“Again?” Jimin asks, voice rough (sexy).

“Again,” Taehyung agrees, and the screaming begins again. It’s like evacuating his soul. They scream and scream and scream and all the voices in their heads stop whispering long enough for them to hear the real message.


passing the baton onto ceeri! Good luck!
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