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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip I

I'm pretty sure I beat Karen on the self-indulgent stakes. This is self-indulgent slightly-AU universe IOI fanfic. Has anyone written IOI fanfic yet? I doubt it. Hold me.
(Also Im Nayoung isn’t even slightly my bias, but it works.)

There will, without a doubt, be more of this. Because who doesn't want to write about eleven girls at a team bonding camp?

“I told you so,” Somi pipes up from her corner of the car. “I told you that would happen. You should have listened to me; I know what I’m talking about. Right, Nayoung-unnie?”

Yoojung groans, as loudly and exasperated as she can manage. It’s a wonder Chaeyeon and Chungha are even able to sleep, with this racket.

“What?” Nayoung asks from the driver’s seat, wondering if she really wants to know. Why she volunteered to drive the first half of the journey, she doesn’t know. Why Sejeong decided on a group bonding trip—well, she doesn’t know that, either. But it’s not her job to ask. Her job is to drive.

“Don’t worry about them,” Sejeong says, curving around to look behind her at the nine girls piled up into the back of the minivan. Nayoung still isn’t quite sure how she managed to acquire a 12-seater without it actually being a bus, or with bench seats, but Sejeong works magic, and she’s learnt not to question her. Nayoung is supposed to be the leader because she’s the oldest, but she’s pretty sure Sejeong and Kyulkyung are better at it than she is.

“Mina-unnie and Doyeon-unnie were playing this game,” Somi explains, “but Doyeon-unnie was supposed to do this move and it turned into this move instead.”

Nayoung doesn’t need to look at her to know that she’s moving her arms, expressive as always. She keeps her eyes firmly on the road, but nods, to show she understands—even though she doesn’t, really. It’s safer, when it comes to Somi, to pretend to understand.

“Oh, wow!” Yeunjung calls, and there’s the audible sound of girls pressing themselves up against the windows.

“The sunset is so pretty here,” Mina says. “Isn’t it lovely? Sejeong-unnie? I wish Nayoung-unnie were here to see it.”

Nayoung smiles softly to herself. It’s been hard for all of them, leaving friends behind—more so now they’re on this trip. She wonders how Siyeon is doing, and hopes Yebin and Minkyung are looking after her.

“Stone Buddha Nayoung,” Sejeong teases a moment later, and without taking her eyes off the road, Nayoung sticks out her tongue, knowing that Sejeong will take it as intended. The mood picks up instantly, as the girls remember who they’re with, and what their trip is for.

“So what kind of things do you want to do?” Kyulkyung asks.

“Party!” Somi calls.

“We should go shopping,” Yoojung says. “Right, Doyeon?” There’s a sound of affirmation from a couple of the other girls.

“We should practice too,” Sohye says. “We can’t slack on our performances.”

“Well, of course not,” Yoojung says. “But we need to have fun too.”

“You are aware that we’re going to a team bonding camp?” Sejeong asks, leaning over her should to look at them all. “We’ll be having fun, but we probably won’t be able to party or go shopping—and this is our break from practising, Sohye. A couple of days off won’t hurt.”

Nayoung doesn’t need to look in the mirror to know that Sohye probably looks scandalised. The other girls laugh, and Nayoung smiles too. “It’ll be fine,” she says. “You’ll see.”

As they drive on and the sun sets, Nayoung has to admit that the skyline is beautiful, and that even if she misses her friends, she loves these ten girls, and, for the first time in years, she’s really happy.

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