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[Team Three] Hands and Knees

There was no doubt about it, Taiga was HOT with dark hair. The look of intense concentration on his face only made him hotter, and the drops of sweat slowly running down his face made Jesse want to lick him, devour him whole and maybe fuck him right against that mirror. A bit of that probably showed on his face, but Jesse made no attempt to hide his leer - if anyone commented, he could always claim he was practicing sexy faces.

Taiga caught him staring several times, but Jesse only leered harder. Getting Taiga a bit riled up usually worked in his favour, and anyway, he wasn’t shy about having his intentions known. By the time the choreographer called for break, Jesse guessed that at least half the colour on Taiga’s cheeks was probably from his staring. Taiga didn’t spare him a glance before going to their shared dressing room, but Jesse didn’t exactly need an invitation.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Jesse found himself shoved against the wall, Taiga’s lips insistent against his. He usually slumped down a bit to make it easier for Taiga to kiss him, but reminding Taiga of their height difference was just too funny sometimes and just now Taiga was worked up enough to growl against his lips.

Jesse ran his fingers through Taiga’s dark hair, the way he’d been fantasizing about half the morning. “Your hair’s really sexy right now,” he praised.

“I thought you liked me blond?” Taiga asked, leaning just a bit into the touch.

“Mh, oh yeah, that was hot too,” Jesse agreed. As far as he was concerned, Taiga was always hot anyway. Dark hair, light hair, short hair, long hair, furious, happy, flirty, shy, grumpy, possessive…

“Stop thinking weird things,” Taiga ordered, rising up onto his toes to kiss Jesse again.

“You’re hot with dark hair and with blond, but you’re hottest on your knees,” Jesse tried.

Taiga snickered. “Get on your knees, if all you’re gonna do is talk nonsense.”

Jesse sank to his knees easily. He pulled Taiga’s sweatpants down and wrapped his fingers around Taiga’s dick, which was already mostly hard, but didn’t do more than stroke it slowly. “Okay, but take me home after practice, yeah?”

“Sure,” Taiga agreed. “If you’re good, I might even let you fuck me on my bed.”

“It’s a deal.”


As soon as Taiga’s shirt hit the floor, Jesse tackled Taiga onto the bed. The startled noise Taiga made was adorable, and the wide-eyed look of surprise on Taiga’s face was even cuter, though it lasted only a moment. Grinning down at Taiga, Jesse asked, “You’ll let me have you, right?”

Taiga’s eyes narrowed, but then he wrapped his arms around Jesse’s shoulders. “Why not. If you want to do all the work after a full day of practice, I’m not gonna stop you.”

That was more than good enough for Jesse. He nuzzled the side of Taiga’s neck, enjoying the fresh, clean smell. Just like he couldn’t decide if blond Taiga or dark haired Taiga was hotter, he wasn’t sure which he enjoyed more - sweaty, heated Taiga or clean, cool Taiga. Jesse’s favourite option was to surprise Taiga in the shower, when Taiga was naked and wet and flustered at the sudden intrusion of his space, though Taiga pinning him against the wall and yanking on his hair was a close second.

He nibbled on Taiga’s ear, not in a particular hurry now that he had Taiga on his back. Taiga’s bed was big and comfortable, ideal for activities that required more than a couple of minutes, and Taiga was definitely worth spoiling.

Except for the occasional sigh, Taiga never made much noise, but Jesse enjoyed the challenge. Some day he’d figure out how to make Taiga moan and beg and maybe scream, but until then he was more than happy to keep trying, not that he needed any particular reason to sleep with Taiga. Taiga’s skin was soft under his touch, Taiga’s cheekbones amazingly pretty, and Taiga’s hair was utterly distracting.

“Turn over,” Jesse murmured against Taiga’s ear.

Taiga’s eyes narrowed. “If you think you can fuck me without even kissing me first-”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Taiga’s lips were soft against his, soft and pliant. Taiga’s mouth opened at the first brush of Jesse’s tongue, and Jesse will never, ever comment on just how easy Taiga is sometimes. He drew the kiss out, dragged his tongue across the roof of Taiga’s mouth in that way that always made Taiga cling to him, until Taiga turned his head away to pant for breath.

Sitting up, Jesse looked Taiga over. Taiga’s dark hair looked even darker against the pillow; Taiga’s cheeks were flushed pink and his lips were kiss-swollen. There was a faint mark of Jesse’s teeth on Taiga’s shoulder, a dark smudge against Taiga’s pale, pale skin. Taiga’s chest was rising and falling quickly. Taiga’s dick was hard and curled up against his stomach, and his spread legs were practically begging Jesse to take advantage.

“Stare harder,” Taiga grumbled, but Jesse just grinned and did exactly that.

“You look so good,” Jesse praised. Taiga was pretty, really really pretty, but Jesse wasn’t stupid enough to say that out loud, not when he wanted to fuck Taiga all night long.

Huffing in annoyance, Taiga rolled over. “You wanted me on my hands and knees. Now what?”

“Now I fuck you,” Jesse replied while he reached for the lube. He could practically hear Taiga’s eyeroll, but his fingers went in reasonably easy, so it was clearly the right answer. Taiga dropped down to his elbows before Jesse even got the third finger in, which Jesse counted as a win - if Taiga was more vocal, he’d have been panting and moaning already. Jesse curled his fingers, caressing Taiga’s prostate until Taiga was shaking with want.

He didn’t make Taiga ask for it, fun though that could be. After a last twist, Jesse pulled his fingers free and spread a generous amount of lube on his dick. He’d learned early on that his dick was too big to be stingy with the lube, no matter how eager or ready whoever he was fucking was.

Taiga gave a low hiss when the tip of Jesse’s dick breached his entrance, but otherwise stayed silent. Jesse moved slowly, pushing in steadily while his hands drew calming circles on Taiga’s hips and back. By the time his hips were flush with Taiga’s ass, it was getting hard to hold back - Taiga just felt so good around him, hot and tight. Holding his hips still, Jesse bent down to kiss the back of Taiga’s neck and nuzzle his hair. Taiga’s dark hair looked even better from this position, messy as it was, so Jesse used the opportunity to tell Taiga exactly that.

With his chest pressed against Taiga’s back and his nose in Taiga’s hair, one arm wrapped around Taiga’s middle and the other on the bed for balance, Jesse was as close as he could possibly get. He was certainly close enough to feel, see and hear how much of a mess Taiga already was, from Taiga’s shaky breath, to the almost silent little moans, to how tightly Taiga’s fingers were clutching at the blankets.

Taiga was clearly trying to stay silent and if Jesse’s face hadn’t been right in Taiga’s hair he probably wouldn’t have heard anything, but the first experimental thrust of Jesse’s hips drew the cutest little moan from Taiga. Encouraged, Jesse rolled his hips, provoking a strangled sort of whine from Taiga.

It wasn’t easy to keep his movements slow when Taiga felt so good around him, but Jesse knew it would totally be worth it in the end. Taiga liked it slow, slow and deep, and even if Taiga didn’t make much noise, his body always betrayed his desperation to Jesse. Jesse had had Taiga on his back or on his hands and knees more often than anyone, so he knew just how to move his hips, how to tease at Taiga’s nipples, how to breathe against Taiga’s ear in just the right way to drive Taiga slowly crazy with want.

Jesse knew he’d won when Taiga spread his knees further in an attempt to get Jesse’s dick just a little bit deeper. He sped up, shoving in hard with each strong thrust of his hips, fucking Taiga at a relentless pace, hoping to finally get some more noise out of Taiga, but Taiga stayed stubbornly silent. Back arched, Taiga pushed back against Jesse’s hips, meeting thrust for thrust until Jesse wasn’t sure how much longer this could last.

Not exactly playing fair, Jesse trailed his fingers over as many of Taiga’s weak spots as he could reach in this position. When he scratched his nails over that one spot over Taiga’s ribs, Taiga twitched under him, and the gasp when he pinched Taiga’s nipple was actually audible. Rubbing his thumb over Taiga’s hipbone gave the best response, actually causing Taiga to clench tightly around him.

Since he was getting close himself, Jesse decided to stop teasing, no matter how cute Taiga’s reactions were. He curled his fingers around Taiga’s dick and stroked, matching the pace of his hips. Taiga shuddered under him and moved more insistently, pushing back onto his dick and forwards into his hand, until Jesse wasn’t entirely certain he could outlast Taiga. He needn’t have worried.

Just a few thrusts later, Taiga gave a muffled cry and came, clenching tight around Jesse. Jesse pushed through the increased tightness, keeping his pace steady to prolong Taiga’s orgasm. Pressed close together as they were, he could feel each and every one of Taiga’s little shivers, and with his nose still buried in Taiga’s hair, he was close enough to hear Taiga’s panting breath.

Once Taiga relaxed, Jesse considered for a moment if he should try to get Taiga to lick the come from his fingers. Relaxed as Taiga was right after orgasm, there was a chance that Taiga might actually cooperate and it would definitely be hot, but Jesse wanted to cuddle after and he was certain that Taiga would not be in a cuddly mood if he made him do anything so embarrassing.

Keeping that thought for another time, Jesse wrapped his arm back around Taiga’s middle, holding him close. He chased his own orgasm, fucking Taiga deep and hard, spurred on by the occasional aftershock twitching through Taiga. “Oh yeah,” Jesse moaned, “Taiga, fuck, Taiga.”

“Stop dithering around and fucking come already, Lewis,” Taiga grumbled, sounding adorably breathless and grumpy.

Jesse barely kept himself from saying out loud just how cute Taiga was and then he was coming, almost on command, shoving deep into the tight heat of Taiga’s body. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, all his senses focused on Taiga, so much so that Jesse was only vaguely aware that he was probably making enough noise for both of them.

Afterwards, Jesse curled up close to Taiga, with one arm thrown over Taiga’s stomach and his nose pressed to the side of Taiga’s neck. If Taiga wanted to pretend that he wasn’t interested in cuddling and just couldn’t be assed to move yet, that was perfectly fine with Jesse, especially since that pretense vanished into thin air as soon as Taiga fell asleep. Sleepy Taiga was clingy and affectionate, and Jesse loved every second of it.

Next up is mousapelli!
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