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[team one] here we are, by your side

Entirely self-indulgent leader OT3 consisting of Junmyeon, Hakyeon and Namjoon. Post-apocalyptic AU because I could.

Again?” Junmyeon sighs in frustration. “It’s not that long since we restocked.”

“We used a whole lot of medicine when we helped the new kids a few days ago,” Namjoon points out, running a hand over his face. They’re all exhausted from the past few days, the past few weeks, after a horrible massacre occurred close to the previous camp, resulting in another outbreak of zombies. “We had to. We couldn’t have foreseen this.”

“And now Hakyeon is sick and we have nothing left,” Junmyeon says, willing his voice not to shake. “We need something that will ease it, at least.”

They’re silent for a few seconds, both of them thinking of what to do while Hakyeon is in their makeshift infirmary sweating away. “I’ll tell Seokjin and Yoongi to go back to the hospital, get some more supplies and medicine,” Namjoon suggests. “We need the restock anyway.”

Junmyeon nods. “Tell them to get more antidote supplies, too. Hakyeon will be vulnerable to the virus while he’s sick and we’re not letting him be turned.” There is fierce determination in his eyes now, replacing, maybe cloaking, the fear that showed before.

“Yes, sir,” Namjoon says dryly, eliciting a sharp chuckle from Junmyeon. Reaching out, Namjoon takes the other’s hand in his. “Hey. It’ll be okay. We won’t lose him.”

“Yeah,” Junmyeon mumbles, gently squeezing his hand, looking at his feet. “I know. I just...don’t want him to be in pain.” The disease isn’t usually lethal, but with the world going to hell there are few places that are properly sanitary, and the longer Hakyeon is ill, the more antsy everyone gets.

Hakyeon was the one who brought the three of them together, charming both Junmyeon and Namjoon into a relationship with him. As the oldest of the three and one of the leaders in the camp, he has always taken care of them. The possibility of losing him frightens them both, but they don’t let themselves be hindered by the fear. Instead they keep going, never losing footing, like he taught them.

“Me neither. We’re doing everything we can. Go and take care of him, I’ll be back later.” Namjoon’s fingers linger over Junmyeon’s, and then he pulls away and leaves.

“How is he?” Junmyeon asks as soon as he enters the infirmary.

Jaehwan, seated by Hakyeon’s bed, looks up. “Not great, but it could be worse,” he says honestly. “His fever is really high and at this point we don’t have much of a choice other than providing him with medicine and letting him sweat it out.”

“Namjoon is sending Seokjin and Yoongi to get medicine. Now all we can do is wait, I guess.” It’s hard to keep the frustration out of his voice, so Junmyeon settles for sitting at Hakyeon’s other side, picking up a cloth and wiping sweat off his face, ignoring how Jaehwan looks at them, as if he feels sorry for them. There’s nothing to feel sorry for. “I’ll watch him, Jaehwan, so you can take care of your other patients.” Without a word, the doctor stands up and leaves them alone.

Hakyeon’s usually handsome and friendly face is scrunched up in pain, lips parted to take shallow breaths. Junmyeon holds his hand, letting him squeeze it tightly, and gently strokes the other’s hair. “Hey, I’m here,” he whispers.

There is no response, but he hopes Hakyeon heard him.

It’s early morning when Junmyeon is awoken by the feeling of hands on his shoulders, a chaste kiss to his temple and a low voice murmuring “Wake up”. He makes a small noise, rubbing his eyes and turns his head to see Namjoon standing behind him.

“You were here all night,” he says, looking past him to Hakyeon’s sleeping form and then back to Junmyeon. “Didn’t even come to bed.”

“Yeah...Lost track of time,” Junmyeon mutters, smiling a little. He glances back at Hakyeon for a second. “He seems much better now.”

The medicine arrived late at night, and Jaehwan quickly administered it, watching over Hakyeon with Junmyeon and Namjoon as the patient’s fever calmed down. Now he’s sleeping soundly, the serene look back on his face. They can finally breathe.

“He’s fine, like I told you he’d be,” Namjoon says, tugging at Junmyeon’s arms. “Come here, I need affection. I had no one to hold all night.”

A laugh bubbles out of Junmyeon’s throat. “Clingy,” he chides, but goes along with it, standing up to wrap his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. Namjoon starts pressing kisses all over his face and he grins, only to have his breath hitch when the kisses land on his neck.

He slaps half-heartedly at Namjoon’s arm. “Come on, Hakyeon is sleeping right here, he’ll be mad if he sees us like this when he wakes up.”

The answering chuckle has Namjoon’s breath fanning against his neck, which isn’t any better. “More like he’ll enjoy the sight.” And then he finally kisses Junmyeon on the lips. It’s warm and nice, and despite his warnings Junmyeon eagerly kisses back, nipping at the other’s lower lip.

“You guys are noisy,” a tired voice interrupts, making Junmyeon and Namjoon break the kiss and stare at Hakyeon in surprise. He’s seemingly only half awake, but he looks amused as he grins weakly at them. “And not even including me.. I’m offended.”

Junmyeon’s face lights up at the sight of Hakyeon finally awake, and then he looks pointedly at Namjoon. “I told you so.”

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