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[team five] I'll Be Quiet

Jongin's just trying to finish the last 30 pages of his book but Chanyeol has other plans.

Your turn, thesockmonster!

His insides squirm uncomfortably as an Alliance star cruiser takes another brutal hit from an enemy ship. Jongin never enjoys battle scenes because mass violence isn't his thing. But the novel he's been reading for the past week is thirty pages from the end and nothing will stand in the way of his finishing it today. Jongin’s even made the extra effort to find an isolated reading spot free of all distractions.

Curled up on a sofa the color of seafoam, Jongin is completely surrounded by tall panels of glass that let in soft sunlight. The lantern room is one of his favorite places to read, and he’s about halfway down page 362 when a deep voice interrupts his progress. “I thought I’d find you here,” the voice says, panting slightly from the exertion of making the long, steep climb up here.

Jongin groans. Only Park Chanyeol would climb 223 steps just to get to him; only Park Chanyeol would crave his company enough. And Jongin knows there are exactly 223 steps because last spring, Chanyeol had decided that they should climb to the top of the retired lighthouse that belonged to their Center.

You have to walk with me, Jonginnie. No cheating! It would have taken him all of two seconds to teleport them both up there but Chanyeol had been adamant, insisting that they make it up there on foot. Jongin had groaned and grumbled bitterly the whole way up, but he’d secretly enjoyed making the journey with Chanyeol’s fingers curled around his own, their shoulders bumping gently against each other every now and then.

“Shh, hyung. I’m reading,” Jongin says with a warning note in his voice. Pointedly ignoring Chanyeol, his gaze flicks back to the words on the page.

“But I brought food. And wine. The weather’s so nice, and I thought we could have an early dinner.” Chanyeol places a large wicker basket on the floor before moving over to sit beside Jongin. Chanyeol is just a tad too tall and just a tad too clumsy sometimes, but he’s comfortable in his own body and it shows in the confident way he leans across Jongin.

“What?” Jongin tries to sound annoyed that Chanyeol has invaded his personal space, tries to pretend that his skin isn’t already suffused with tingles in anticipation of Chanyeol’s touch.

“Good evening, Jonginnie.” And he smiles, the dimple in his left cheek deepening as his face moves closer and his mouth moves possessively over Jongin’s. Breath hitching, his lips part and Chanyeol’s tongue licks into his mouth, all slow and seductive. . .and distracting. Chanyeol is very distracting and Jongin doesn’t have time for that now. He has a space opera to finish.

“Hyung--” he begins to say but Chanyeol's hands are slipping beneath the hem of his t-shirt. They're hot; Chanyeol’s hands are always so much hotter than Jongin’s. The heat is spreading across his skin as Chanyeol caresses him, tiny pockets of sensation that stimulate and excite.

“Yeah?” Chanyeol asks, voice hoarse as his mouth clamps onto Jongin's neck before licking his way up and gripping Jongin's earlobe between his teeth. Jongin can't suppress the moan as Chanyeol nips on his ear and palms his nipples at the same time. It’s only been less than a minute since Chanyeol started kissing him, and Jongin's cock is already growing heavy, already beginning to push at the soft fabric of his sweat pants.

It annoys Jongin no end that he has no self control when it comes to Chanyeol. He has a novel to finish reading, for fuck’s sake. And he intends to finish it before the sun sets--no matter what. (Even if Chanyeol's mouth and hands are devastating and Jongin is sorely tempted to put his book down.)

“Can’t talk or eat or. . .anything else right now. I am literally 28 pages away from finishing, hyung. The story is reaching its climax--”

“Climax huh?” Chanyeol raises a suggestive eyebrow and Jongin scowls.


“Just saying!” Chanyeol laughs. It's a deep, rich honey rumble that Jongin loves. Hearing it always makes his day better, but he'll admit that to Chanyeol over his dead body. “Alright, Jongin, I'll be quiet so you can finish your book.”

“You don't know how to be quiet.” Jongin rolls his eyes in disbelief.

“For you, I'll try. I promise. I'll just check my insta and browse through my music blogs and. . .stuff. You won't even know I'm here.” And Chanyeol kisses his cheek to seal the promise, his lips leaving warm impressions on his skin.

Tags: *team five, fandom: exo, love ranger: lotusk, warning: here tharr be porn
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