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[Team Three] Summoned

I am back. Sort of. RL is still busy but I'll try and write stuff.
(Both Aguri and Ryouma are played by the same actor, Aoki Tsunenori)

In other words, yes I am still 39408238402849023840234890324m down the Toku hole.

“You really should pay more attention. Or you’ll risk getting attacked from behind. Horrors aren’t honorable knights after all. They fight dirty.”

Aguri was unable to move, paralyzed less by the weapon held to his neck and more by the voice talking to him, the person behind him, who he could see from the corner of his eyes, in the reflection in his glasses.

“Destiny awaits you in Zawame City, Kusugami Aguri.”

Those were the last words he heard before he jerked awake. Looking around disoriented at first, Aguri made a grab for his glasses and put them onto his nose. The sun was rising above the ancient ruins from what he could see and apart from him, nobody else seemed to be around.

A dream. A strange one at that.

The feeling of unease didn’t leave Aguri for hours. And then it got even worse when he sensed that he had guests later that night.

“Ryuga, Rien, you’re back.” He hadn’t seen the other two ever since they had left Vol City quite a while ago. And their travels had changed them. Aguri could tell right away from the looks in their eyes. “I’m afraid to ask for the reason that you returned for I doubt it’s because you’ve gotten tired of traveling already.”

“A sharp one, aren’t you, Aguri. We’re here to deliver a message for you.” Ryuga replied and looked at Rien. “It’s from the Senate. Don’t ask me why they asked us out of all people.”

Rien shrugged. “Maybe they wanted someone who was familiar with Vol City to watch over it while Aguri is gone. And well, this is technically my territory.” She drew her brush and no five seconds later, a message started to appear in the air in front of Aguri.

“Zawame City.” Aguri looked at the words written in the ancient Makai script. The city mentioned in his dream. “Why are they sending me?”

“They always have a reason.” Rien lowered her brush again. “Can you leave tonight?”

“No time for reunions, huh? Very well.” Aguri nodded and went to pack his belongings.

A few hours later found him on a ferry bound for Zawame City. He didn’t arrive in the other city until it was almost dusk on the next day. Disembarking from the ship, Aguri didn’t expect someone to be there to welcome him. Especially not someone who looked so much - almost exactly - like him. If he had been any other person, he was sure he would have lost his cool but Aguri retained his composure, at least outwardly.

The two of them stared at each other silently until everyone else had left and the darkness had fallen around them completely. Only then did the other speak.

“Welcome to Zawame City, Kusugami Aguri. I’ve been expecting you.”

“Who are you? And were you the one who summoned me?” Aguri asked, not beating around the bush. His fingers tightened around his bow, securely wrapped in a layer of cloth to keep it hidden from the eyes of the normal humans, the mere mortals.

The other smiled. “It wasn’t me who called you here. At least not directly. I might have been one of the reasons, though.” Slender fingers were shoved into the pockets of a pristine white lab coat. “As for who I am, most people call me Sengoku Ryouma these days.” His eyes looked into Aguri’s. “But I used to be known by another in the past.”

It only took a few swift, trained movements for Aguri to pull out his bow and arm it.

Soul Metal hit Soul Metal when the two identical bows connected with a soft clang and twin arrows were pointed at the heart of the respective other.

“And that name was…” the other let the sentence drift off.

“Kusugami.” Aguri finished it for him. There was no doubt about it.

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