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[team two] I’ll be fine so don’t worry

GOT7's trailer left a huge impact on me so I just needed to write something quick about that too. u__u I would like to continue this, though...

Strength is needed now, they keep saying all over again, then talking something incoherent about getting over, accepting the truth, being allowed to feel angry but Jinyoung is tired of hearing all that. He doesn't even understand what's going on so how could he possibly get over something that doesn't make any sense? Jinyoung keeps asking that but gets nothing but a reassuring pat on his shoulder from everyone as an answer, and then again you should rest now and focus on healing.

The ticking hours and minutes keep going forward in a similar way and it makes no difference if Jinyoung asks dozens of times what has happened because he keeps getting the same answer. He should rest, the worst hasn't even begun yet.

Jinyoung had sensed the worst as he had regained his consciousness and everyone around him had been wearing black, looking serious and watching him with saddened eyes like he had been on his death bed. Jinyoung had recognized the hospital ceiling but he still can't understand why he's there. He should be on his way to their schedule, their comeback needs to be succesful, he has no time to rest if his members are working hard and doing their best.

Jinyoung doesn't remember anything. Last clear memory he has is from their comeback stage but after that everything goes into some oblivion. He remembers Jackson's laugh ringing in his ears and he swears he remembers there had been a sunny warm day just recently but Jinyoung isn't still able to put the pieces of the puzzle together about what has happened and what's going on.

There's a talk somewhere in the corridor and his ears catch the words Korea University Hospital Funeral which could explain his family members and the hospital staff wearing all black but Jinyoung doesn't understand why such talk, why such clothes. Because he's still alive. He's alive and he's fine so no-one should worry.

He's still alive.

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