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[team two] what I want

I hope this isn't too late >_< Or too random...

Dreaming again?” A smug voice asks from the doorway and Taiga’s heart skips a beat as he slams the magazine closed.

Oh, it’s just you.” He says as sardonically as he can manage when Juri walks further into the dressing room and raises his eyebrows. Taiga flips back to the page he was looking at – a full two-page spread of Yasui caught up in an excitement fuelled water fight with Hagiya - he wasn’t dreaming, just admiring.

Why don’t you just ask him out already? Even Shin-chan thinks it’s pathetic.” Juri asks as he moves around to the back of the sofa that Taiga is reclining on.

It’s not pathetic” Taiga argues back half-heartedly - it’s kind of pathetic - and he flicks at Juri’s forehead when he leans down far enough against the back of the sofa. “One-sided love is totally romantic.”

He would do you…or you know, let you do him or whatever, he’s not exactly a saint if you know what I mean…” Juri pushes and Taiga rolls his eyes because he’s not the first to push this point, it’s probably not even the first time Juri has pushed it but it doesn’t comfort him in the slightest.

I know what you mean thank you, and yes, I know I could have him if I wanted…he’s made it pretty clear himself that I could…” Taiga begins to argue but Juri finally retaliates and flicks him back.

Don’t you want him?”

Taiga looks back at the magazine, at Yasui’s soft smile and his bright, energetic eyes. “Of course I want him.” Taiga sighs and he finally turns the page, flipping through the rest of the magazine quickly before tossing it back down on the coffee table beside him. “But what you’re talking about…that’s not all I want. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

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