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[ Team One ] New Man on the Job

Jongdae tries his hand at being a personal assistant~ Sorry I'm late to post ^^;;! “And then, why don’t you put the rest of the mail here?” Joonmyun pats the top of his coffee table, empty and smooth except for a few dents in one corner.

“After sorting out the junk mail?” Jongdae hesitates, weighing the stacks of envelopes and magazines in his hands.

“Mm…” Joonmyun is already distracted again, reading something on his phone which hasn’t ceased buzzing or chirping for an interim longer than thirty seconds all morning.

“I’ll just...hang onto this stack then.” Jongdae sighs and shuffles the pile against his chest for a better grip.

“You do that, you go right ahead,” Joonmyun murmurs in an encouraging tone.

It doesn’t reassure Jongdae much because he has the impression that his new boss is responding on autopilot without comprehending most of the questions and assumptions he’s voiced. He wonders if this is a particularly busy morning, or if Joonmyun is always this out of touch with his surroundings.

“Okay, one last thing - wait, did I show you the broom closet and where all the cleaning supplies are?”

Jongdae nods when the boss’ wide eyes meet his with an intensity he wasn’t expecting to be directed at him. “Right, on the first floor off the back hall,” Jongdae says, remembering his voice as soon as Joonmyun looks away again.

“First floor? Oh! Yes. First floor. Ahem.” Joonmyun puts away his phone but doesn’t remove his hand from his sweater pocket. “Sorry, I have a meeting starting soon that I totally forgot about. I think you got a feel for the place though, right? If you have any questions, just ask Baekhyun!”

Joonmyun heads for the elevator at a jog, leaving Jongdae standing in the center of the break room still holding the stack of last month’s mail.

“Thanks,” Jongdae calls after him, though he doubts Joonmyun will actually hear him. He’s not sure who Baekhyun is or where to find him, but at least he knows what to do with the mail, and that will keep him occupied for the first hour.

Only six more hours to go, Jongdae thinks as he checks his watch. Tomorrow should be easier.

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