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[Team Three] All the Time in the World

They’ve got all the time in the world, or nearly. It’s still early, nobody else is home, and tomorrow is a rare day off. They’ve got vague plans about going shopping tomorrow, Hokuto said something about needing a new hat, and Juri has every intention of spoiling Hokuto with fresh baked goods, but none of that seems particularly important at the moment when Hokuto is curled against Juri’s side, warm and relaxed.

Juri’s fingers are mapping Hokuto’s back, trailing over smooth skin, caressing hard muscles, though there’s no real urgency to it. He does want Hokuto, but for the moment he’s fine just like this, curled up in bed and watching whatever weird show is on tv.

The ends of Hokuto’s hair tickle Juri’s skin every time Hokuto moves his head and it’s oddly distracting, like a small, teasing caress. Hokuto is extra cute when his hair is like this, fluffy and just a bit longer. It makes Juri want to dig his fingers in and pull just a little, or maybe pet Hokuto until Hokuto melts into a puddle of relaxed happiness and affection.

Juri brushes his fingers through Hokuto’s hair, a slow, repetitive motion. He’s only half paying attention to the tv, and that’s more than can be said for Hokuto, whose eyes have slipped shut. It’s not like Hokuto is asleep though - Juri knows well the cute little snuffling sounds Hokuto makes when he naps, as well as the increased clinginess. If Hokuto was asleep, there’d be more touching than the one arm Hokuto has casually thrown over Juri’s middle.

Hokuto tilts his head more into the touch, giving a low moan. It’s not nearly as sexual as the food noises Hokuto makes on tv, but Juri likes that. It seems more personal, breathy little moans that are just for him, not as showy but just as appealing. Juri’s name is all air on Hokuto’s lips, an invitation, almost a plea.

Juri strokes gentle fingers over Hokuto’s cutely rounded cheeks. After so much work this winter, Hokuto is still a bit thinner than usual, but his cheeks have filled back in mostly. The noise Hokuto makes is more purr than moan, as close to a satisfied purr as a human can come certainly.

“Stop being so cute,” Juri murmurs, right before his lips meet Hokuto’s. He meant to take things slow, to pet and cuddle for a while longer, but how can he resist when Hokuto looks so happy and relaxed? Hokuto’s lips are soft against his, moving invitingly, but Juri doesn’t deepen the kiss just yet. He takes his time kissing Hokuto slow and thorough. Hokuto’s fingers curl around his forearms, holding on, and while Hokuto isn’t full on clinging yet, Juri’s sure that will happen soon enough.

It’s Hokuto who gets impatient first, tugging on Juri’s arms insistently. Juri gives in easily, rolling on top of Hokuto and letting his weight settle on top. Hokuto hums happily, legs spreading to accommodate Juri, arms wrapping around Juri’s shoulders. Hokuto is warm and really comfortable, enough so that Juri could probably fall asleep on him if he wasn’t also amazingly sexy.

Hokuto is moving under him, hips rolling slowly, and the cute little noises Hokuto makes against his lips would drive anyone wild. Juri’s not immune to Hokuto’s charms either. Despite his earlier resolution to take it slow, he deepens the kiss, tongue curling slickly against Hokuto’s.

Things happen practically on their on from there on and before Juri quite knows how, he’s already kneeling between Hokuto’s legs, his fingers slick with lube. This part is always easy, because Hokuto is easy for it - Hokuto is so relaxed that Juri can slide two fingers into him without trouble, and his dick won’t be any more of an issue, despite its size. He often lingers here, teasing Hokuto’s insides with his fingers because Hokuto is sensitive and makes the cutest sounds, but it’s really not a necessity.

At times when they’ve been impatient, Juri has found that it’s entirely enough to spread a bit of lube around the rim of Hokuto’s hole and right inside and leave it at that. Hokuto does seem impatient now, eager and almost desperate, but Juri takes his time regardless. Juri curls his fingers, caressing and teasing until Hokuto’s moans rival his food noises.

“Juri,” Hokuto begs, “Juri, Juri.”

Hokuto doesn’t even say what he wants, just repeats Juri’s name in that breathy voice, over and over. It’s not like it’s hard to guess what he wants. There’s a hint of a blush on Hokuto’s cheeks, just enough to make Juri forget completely that he had planned to tease Hokuto and drive him slowly nuts.

When Juri finally slides into Hokuto, it’s so good, hot and slick and tight. No matter how often they do this, it’s always better than Juri expects, somehow, as if his mind can never fully remember just how good Hokuto’s body feels around him.

It’s slow and comfortable, the heat building slowly between them. Juri makes sure to kiss Hokuto almost the whole time, only pulling away a few times to hear him more clearly. Hokuto clings to him tightly and the noises Hokuto makes are definitely worth hearing, breathy moans that alternate between Juri’s name and variations of yes, oh and ah.

When Hokuto comes, seed spilling over Juri’s hand and his own stomach, he only clings tighter, clutching Juri close. With Hokuto taken care of, Juri is free to chase his own orgasm, aided by Hokuto’s panting breath and clinging affection. It only takes him another minute and then he’s coming, thrusting deep into Hokuto’s willing body.

Hokuto is a cuddler, after sex even more than usual, and Juri likes it that way. With afterglow pulsing through his veins, Hokuto’s warm skin against his feels pretty close to heavenly, and Hokuto’s happy, sated smile makes Juri feel as if he could conquer the world.

Next up is mousapelli
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