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So much to write, so little attention span~
07 April 2019 @ 12:58 am
More SaiSa. xD Posted over on Ao3

Last words: “It’s a date, then!”

Your turn, mousapelli!
07 April 2019 @ 01:51 pm
Summary: “Will you and Jeno help me?” Renjun asks, looking up at Jaemin from under his eyelashes. For the first time, Jaemin curses their height difference – he used to think it was adorable and perfect that Renjun would fit so nicely in their arms, but now he’s so weak.

Before he even knows what he’s doing, Jaemin is agreeing, giving up his and Jeno’s freedom next Saturday to help Renjun change the screen on his window so Jeno’s cats stop sneaking in to his apartment.
Author’s Note: This AU has a mind of its own at this point...he l p

This is a continuation of this story, so it would be really helpful if you read that one first ^^

future Jaemin/Jeno/Renjun, PG-13, 1168wCollapse )

It's your turn love <3 softboys
07 April 2019 @ 11:08 pm
I love this pairing, but I'm so bad at writing them. Here's more of that post-canon Yugioh fic I'm working on.

First words from Geometries

Malik and Ryou, g-rated, about 575 words...ishCollapse )