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Starting words from Battle Preparations

Inspired by the Ride On Time documentary about Kabuki ZERO. Trying to come to terms with the whole 9 people thing ... also had the urge to write a random "5 times..." blurb. Idk.

Snow Man, various pairings, Koji's life is hard, PG-13, 1067 wordsCollapse )
28 March 2019 @ 09:23 pm
I've been so tired this week, it just wasn't working out so I'mma have to skip.

defiancebyfire, your ending words are here
[team two]
yrindor.dreamwidth.org you’re up! First words are here. (Don’t get confused by my double post with sonic, sorry about that!)
Hux/Kylo; PG; 181 wordsCollapse )

[team sonic]
First words from black sugar.
Merlin/Arthur; PG; 266 wordsCollapse )