February 26th, 2019

Seigi&Yuuki: team ♥

[Team Two] More than Satisfactory

More Zero fic! I personally choose to believe that Seigi and Yuuki came back together from Dream Kingdom and lived happily ever after, so this is just a snapshot of their lives after the drama. This is set probably just before the "1 year later" epilogue that you see in Episode 10 of the drama.

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Your turn, su_jin!

[team one] the smell of danger

There was meant to be more to this (hopefully making it less creepy?) but it isn't cooperating and I'm already running late so I'm just going to go ahead and post what I have...the rest of it may show up sometime.

EDIT: I probably should say VERY SLIGHT spoilers for the Two Heroes movie

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And that's team one done unless we're trying to squeeze in another round before re-shuffle! I'll leave it with you captain softboys