February 10th, 2019


[Team One] Cat-astrophe

Summary: “Yours.”

A ball of fur is thrust into Jaemin’s hands, a quick flash of white, orange, and black, before the familiar weight of one of Jeno’s cats is in his arms and a familiar boy is staring at him, unimpressed at being woken up once again by a cat sneaking into his apartment.

(Jeno’s cats keep sneaking into the apartment next door, and while Jeno and Jaemin do feel bad the cats sneak into Renjun’s apartment so often, they can’t really mind when they get to see Renjun everyday.)
Warning(s): cursing
Author’s Note: I’m sorry this is so late ToT

I never in a million years thought I would be writing NCT, but...here we are. I couldn’t the idea of a disgruntled Renjun returning cats to the next door apartment out of my head once I read this prompt (which can be found here). I kind of took liberty with the personalities of Jeno’s cats, since I only know that Nal is the shyest one, I hope no one minds ^^” I also tried looking up the genders of the cats, but I only know that Nal is a boy since Jeno said so in a tweet. There have been different accounts that Bongsik is a girl/is a boy, but since I couldn’t find the original Korean tweets about it, I just left it ambiguous.

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It's your turn now, miyeokguk ^^