February 7th, 2019


[Mod Post] Reshuffle/Sign-up

Hey all! Shiritori is super due a reshuffle, so please comment below if you still want to play and/or have been sent here by someone to sign up! You are also welcome to tell us if you don't want to be included in the next round.

Please include in your comment:
*best/preferred way for your captain to contact you (esp if this has changed)
*what fandoms you're currently writing in
*current captains: whether or not you still want to be a captain
*whether you want to be on the slow team (5 day turns) vs regular (3 day)
*about how often you'd ideally like your turn to happen (I'm going to try sorting this a little better in case our team split is big or uneven again)
*anything else you think we'd need to know about sorting you with captains or teammates

Also, it might help team composition if you mention if you skip often. Skipping is totally fine, but it's hard when one team has a lot of skips in a row, so I'd like to spread that out a little too.

You're also welcome to contact me (mousapelli on twitter and gmail) or Ansa (bluedreaming @ fea.st) directly with any questions or anything you don't want to put in your comment publicly. For anyone new who needs it, the official rules post is here.

Welcome to anyone new and our returners, and we wish the best to you if you're leaving!